Types of Traditional Houses of Bangka Belitung


Bangka Belitung Province is a province in the form of an archipelago on the island of Sumatra. This province was inaugurated on February 9, 2001, consisting of 2 large islands, namely Bangka and Belitung and 470 small islands around them.

In Indonesia, Bangka Belitung Island is known as the island that produces the most tin. Therefore, the Bangka Belitung archipelago is also an important archipelago in Indonesia.

In addition, Bangka Belitung has its own unique culture and deserves to be studied. One of the highlights of Bangka Belitung is its traditional house which has several types so that Bangka Belitung has a variety of different houses.

Rumah Rakit

With its geographic area located in the archipelago, the traditional house in Bangka Belitung has one type of house that is near the water or is located above the waters which is called a raft house.

This raft house (Rumah Rakit) is designed to be on a raft and seems to float so that this raft house is a traditional Bangka Belitung house which is usually used by the Bangka people who are close to the water area.

The architecture of this raft house embodies Malay culture and Chinese culture. These raft houses are often affixed with marine accents that make them even more attractive.

Rumah Panggung

rumah adat panggung bangka belitung

Most traditional houses in Sumatra usually use the concept of a house on stilts. Likewise with the traditional house of Bangka Belitung, one of the types of traditional houses it has also has a house on stilts (Rumah Panggung).

The house on stilts in Bangka Belitung is built on 500 square meters of land. This house on stilts from Bangka Belitung has a pure architecture adapting the Malay culture. And not influenced by outside culture at all.

Made with raw materials from wood. As for the roof frame, use rattan or bamboo which is then covered with sago palm leaves, reeds or strong tree roots. But now there are also those who use clay as their tile.

Rumah Limas

rumah limas bangka belitung

The limas house, which is one of the traditional houses of Bangka Belitung, was built with an architecture influenced by the Dutch colonial architecture. This architecture is combined with the architecture of South Sumatra. This house is a traditional Bangka Belitung house that has undergone many modifications and additional rooms in it that are adjusted to the needs of the community today.

Inside there are floors with different heights which are usually used to entertain guests of different social status. If there are guests with high social status who come to the house, they are welcome to use the highest floor in the house.


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