Wanna Go On a Trip? Put Mentawai beach on your list


Mentawai is famous for its various Mentawai beach as a hidden paradise. This Indonesia tourism destination has a lot of natural charm, which is stunning and still pure yet exposed to the crowd. Here is a list of beaches in Mentawai that should be visited!

1. The beaches in Sipulai Island

Indeed, the island of Mentawai has a lot of natural tourism assets, which are very famous for its freshness and charming scenery. For those of you who have just arrived in the center of Mentawai, don’t rush away, because here it turns out there is an island with a Mentawai beach, namely Sipora Island. It turns out that there are various beaches with different tourist characters. Amazing, right?

The first is the mapadeggat beach, which is usually called the surfer’s habitat. No wonder, here the waves roll high, makes it so suitable for surfing. But for those of you who might not be too fond of Mentawai beach tourism by surfing, don’t worry, because there is another beach that will suit you. Its name is Jati beach. Unlike the famous mapadeggat beach with its waves, this one beach will even lull you with the beauty of the underwater world. You can explore the underwater layer of Mentawai because the area is still so clean and beautiful. After Tired of swimming, you will be even happier because you can watch the sunset. Very beautiful and stunning. 

2. Beaches in Siberut Island

The area that you can add to one of your dream tours is an island called Siberut. This island is one that has the largest area, compared to other islands in Mentawai. And here, you can enjoy not only the Mentawai beach and nature attractions but many other things. For example, it is like seeing and learning about the lives of the Mentawai people who are very interesting, starting from their traditional dance, then their habit of fishing, to how they do sago processing. 

But for those of you who want to play on the beautiful Mentawai beach, don’t worry, because this island also provides two beautiful beaches. The first is the Nyang Nyang beach. This beach is famous for challenging surfing activities. For those of you who like high waves and other adrenaline-fueling adventures, you can try this beach. Or you can also test your guts by venturing to Kuroniki Beach. Unlike the Nyangnyang Beach, Kuroniki Beach is better known for its cliffs. Well, don’t forget to be careful as always!

Here it is a series of islands with beautiful Mentawai beach that you must visit. Don’t forget to always take care of the environment and keep it clean!


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