Wanna Go On a Trip? You Better Put Mentawai beach on your list


Mentawai is famous for its various Mentawai beach as hidden paradise. This Indonesia tourism destination has a lot of natural charm, which is stunning and still pure yet exposed to human touch. Here is a row of beaches in Mentawai that you can visit

1. Goa Pamintaijat

This Mentawai beach tourism object is located in Malakopa Village, South Pagai District, on the west side of South Pagai Island, which faces the Indian Ocean waters. Along Pamintaijat Beach there is a stretch of white sand which covers about 50-100 meters along 2 km. Interestingly, in the coastal area, there is also a swallow cave called Pamintaijat Cave with a length of 50 meters. The stone wall is perpendicular to 20-40 meters high, enclosing a beach full of charm.

2. Pittoijat Island

Pittoijat Island is opposite Silabu Beach. The waves are very high and the location is separate from the residential population makes surfers more comfortable. Surfer coming from various countries such as Australia, France, Brazil, and the United States. The best waves are Thunder Left, Thunder’s Right, and Light House. If you want to buy typical Mentawai souvenirs, tourists can go directly to the village of Sabbiret or Malakkopak which is located not far from the island. There are regional baskets, arrows and axes, rowers, baklu bags from sago fronds, and other traditional equipment.

3. Siruso Island

This white sandy island is in front of Sikakap, North Pagai. White sand stretches along the beach with clear seawater and light blue. The beautiful scenery is the main attraction of this island so that it is visited by local tourists for picnics and swimming. To go to this Mentawai beach, visitors can rent a motorboat at the Sikakap Pier for IDR 250000. Travel time is about 45 minutes.

4. Sibigeu Bay

mentawai beach

Location Sibigeu Bay is on Pittoijat Island. This place is much sought after by foreign tourists, especially surfers. This place has a stretch of white sand beach and very clear sea water with tempting wave rolls. This location is usually called “Bagat Simarabuk” by the local community and can be reached by motorboat from the Sikakap Pier in about 3-4 hours.

5. Silabu Beach

Silabu Beach is in the Village of Silabu, North Pagai. Here, Tanjung Sintai is famous for having challenging waves as high as 4 meters with beautiful scrolls. The best waves include Macaronis, Rag’s Left and Rag’s Right. This location can be reached 3-4 hours away by motorboat from the Sikakap Pier, North Pagai. Friendliness of the population makes the tourists feel at home to linger.

Those are the list of Mentawai beach you should go on trip! Don’t forget to always maintain cleanliness whenever you visit.



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