What You Need to Know about Aceh Culture


As you all know, Indonesia encompasses thousands of islands along with 34 provinces. Among those provinces, Aceh or Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is one of them. For your information, Aceh province is located in the northwest of Sumatra. The Aceh tribe is derived from various ethnic. Most of the people come from other countries and stay in Aceh permanently and build a family. Thus, Aceh has a unique Aceh culture with some unique traditions. For some of you who have never been to Indonesia, you might want to keep on reading this article and probably will experience Indonesia culture shock.

Traditional House

Each of the provinces in Indonesia has its own traditional house including Aceh. Usually, people of Aceh call their house as Rumoh Aceh or Krong Bade. This house is built on stilts and has 2.5 to 3-meter height. Not only that but this house is made from wooden material and the base of this house is used as storage. Meanwhile, the raised platform are using as the main room and to receive guests. 


There are at least 4 ceremonies in Aceh culture. The first one is proposing. For your information, there are three stages for men to propose to women in Aceh. The first stage is Jak Keumalen, then Jak Ba Ranub, and the last one is Jak Ba Tanda. The first stage is the process of men in approaching the women and their effort in looking for information about the women. The second stage is the process of proposing to women. In this stage, men will send some gifts to the women’s family. The last stage is the process of accepting the marriage. Both families will set the date, the dowry, and the guests.

The second ceremony is the wedding ceremony start with ijab kabul. Then it continues with the groom picks up the bride “Tueng Dara Baru and Linto Baroe“.

The second ceremony is welcoming the baby. This ceremony “Upacara Bahu” held in the four or five months of pregnancy. The parents of the husband will make the food for the wife and put them in a container called kating. This ceremony takes seven or eight months old of pregnancy and after the baby is born.

The last ceremony in Aceh culture is Troen Bak Tanoeh which is a thanksgiving ceremony when the baby can walk or sit on the ground. This ceremony symbolizes the holy of the mother of the baby. 


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