White Sand Beach PIK 2

White Sand Beach PIK 2

PIK 2 is an abbreviation of Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 which is located in the North Jakarta area. It is an area that has a number of very classy tourist objects and attractions, and one of them is PIK 2 White Sand Beach.

Since it was first opened in 2020, this beach has grown and is famous and has become the choice of many people as a place to vacation and relax.

Road Route Towards White Sand Beach PIK 2

This tourist beach is located on Jl.Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara District, Penjaringan District, North Jakarta, Banten Province. It is 29 km from the center of Jakarta, and you can travel by car in about 30 minutes.

From the direction of the Central Jakarta National Monument, you can go through Jalan M.H. Thamrin, then Jl. Gatot Subroto, and also the Cawang-Grogol Toll Road. You can follow this route to the S. Parman Toll Road.

After that, continue your journey until you reach Prof.DR.Sedyatmo Toll Road and Jakarta Outer-Ring Road. After crossing the D-Island Bridge, drive until you reach the PIK 2 roundabout. Next, you need to pass the bridge that leads to Golf Island and also the beach which is on your right after the bridge.

PIK 2 White Sand Beach line is quite long, which is approximately four kilometers, with views of palm trees spreading in some points.

However, as a visitor you can only enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on this coast, and cannot swim because the water is quite shallow.

On this beach you can also enjoy serving views of the sea while sitting relaxed with family on the beach. The sand in this beach area is very fine and soft, so it will make you and your family feel very comfortable when laying out your picnic mat.

If you are interested in visiting this beach, you are allowed to bring drinks and food from your home. However, make sure that you and your family also participate in maintaining the cleanliness of this beach by not throwing food scraps or other trash carelessly.

This tourist area is also complete with facilities for jogging tracks as your sport, especially for jogging and cycling.

In addition to this, on the beachfront there is also a culinary tourism center that provides a variety of special food menus from various countries in Asia and also from the archipelago.

There are also other very complete supporting facilities and infrastructure, such as a parking area, prayer room facilities, public toilets, live music stage, and also a food court. Interestingly, you can visit this beach without any cost or free.

Usually, this beach is open from 15.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB. Due to the very short operating hours of the place, make sure you and your family arrive earlier to avoid the crowds.

The name White Sand Beach PIK 2 is indeed one of the popular tourist destinations among local tourists around DKI Jakarta and its surroundings. Currently, even in the midst of restrictions on people’s activities and mobility, the number of tourists who come is quite a lot, although not as crowded as when there were no restrictions on community activities.

You also need to know, Maybe there are still tourists (especially those from outside the Jakarta area) who don’t know about the location of PIK 2 White Sand Beach to be exact, whether it is in the same location as PIK or PIK1. Because, the fact that this one beach is located in the PIK2 location. But to achieve it, you must first go to the PIK or PIK1 area. Then, you can continue your journey to Pulau Maju, and finally cross the two bridges that connect to this beach.

PIK 2 is located in the province of Banten

Unlike the first PIK which is located in the DKI Jakarta Province, PIK 2 Pasir Putih Beach is located in an area that is part of the Banten Province. That is precisely in the Dadap area, Tangerang Regency.

When you go to PIK 2 white sand beach, you will pass the boundary gate between DKI Jakarta and Banten province.

PIK 2 White Sand Beach is a reclamation island

Before he was known as PIK2, the name of the island was formerly known as Pulau C, which is an island reclaimed from Jakarta Bay. The location is not far from the mouth of the Dadap River, Kali Prancis.

PIK 2 White Sand Beach Area

Like a tourist attraction in general, PIK 2 White Sand Beach has a coastline of approximately 4 km.

Equipped with culinary attractions

Right on the edge of this beach, there is also a center or culinary tourism center that is lined up a few hundred meters. There are various choices of local food menus as well as various countries such as culinary from South Korea, China, and the archipelago which are open until late at night. For those of you who love riding, this beach is also equipped with pedestrian area paths and paths for cycling.

Special Permission for further visits

You need to know for information that PIK 2 White Sand Beach is open to the public only from 15.00-21.00 WIB. If you want to explore further, you need to ask permission first from the marketing office. This is because not all parts of the area of ​​Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 are open to the public.

On the edge of the beach there are also trees that are specially planted and planted to preserve the environment. Besides being able to play with water and sand, here you can also exercise with a jogging track, a path commonly used by visitors when exercising, jogging or walking leisurely.

On this beach you can also relax on the beach while enjoying the beauty of the beach panorama combined with beautiful sea views, and with the accompaniment of the wind that always blows to cool the atmosphere. An atmosphere that will certainly be very entertaining, fun, and also calming for you and your family. On this beach there is also a spot specially designed for you to make a special photo spot for your social media.

Completeness of Facilities and Infrastructure

When compared to other tourist destinations in the DKI Jakarta and Banten areas, Pasir Putih Beach PIK 2 is the only tourist attraction with very complete facilities for visitors, for example with a large parking lot that can accommodate and be filled by dozens of visitor vehicles, as well as various facilities and infrastructure that become the needs of tourists who visit this beach.

There are also public toilets and a prayer room for Muslim visitors who want to worship.

In addition, near the culinary center or food court, there are many seats and tables for visitors to eat and drink, or just to relax while enjoying the coolness and beauty of the beach, after they play in the water or also play in the sand on the beach. There is also live music that will really entertain you while dining casually.


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