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kepulauan seribu tourist attractions in jakarta

Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

When people hear the word Jakarta, what often arises is the density of this metropolitan city. Jakarta has a sizeable population of...
toba lake tourist attraction in north sumatra

Natural Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

Indonesia has a magnificent view of beauty. Its extraordinary natural wealth, culture, race, religion and traditions add to the beauty of visiting...
kopi joss yogya culinary

Culinary Yogyakarta that Make addiction

For those of you who are traveling to this city, you should also taste the culinary of Yogyakarta, which is guaranteed to...
ngrawe beach jogja hits tourism

Jogja Hits Tourism Recommendations You Must Visit

Jogjakarta is a city that is highly sought after by people from all over the world because of its many cool tourist...
indonesia cheap tourist attraction

Cheap Indonesia Tourist Attractions

Have you planned your vacation for this weekend? Where do you want to go? Mountain, beach or not - don't go to...
arsik must try north sumatra food

Must-try North Sumatra Special Foods

Indonesia has a series of culinary delicacies from various regions, ranging from spicy, sweet, salty, and savory foods. Indonesia is the culinary...
maliran deer blitar

Maliran Deer Tourism in Blitar

Blitar is one of the regions in the province of East Java. Behind that blitar is also famous for the figure of...
indonesia cultural diversity

Indonesia Cultural Diversity

Indonesia is a unitary state that is full of ethnic, cultural, racial, regional, religious and other diversity. Although built from differences, Indonesia...
nasi goreng indonesia legendary culinary

Famous and Must-Try Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia is indeed known as a country that has many beautiful and beautiful natural attractions to visit. However, not only that is...
seruit lampung special food

7 Lampung Special Foods That Make You Addicted

It is incomplete if you are traveling in Lampung as a city in Indonesia which is famous for producing the most delicious...