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saman dance

Indonesia’s Most Famous Regional Dance

Indonesia is inseparable from the names of culture, customs, arts, culinary, tourism and even its musical instruments. However, what about Indonesia's most...
pura in bali

A Help to Make Itinerary Bali

Bali is full of tourist attractions and wonderful destinations, and this can be a place for anybody to go on vacation. However,...
kampung coklat

Cheap Holiday Festive Tourism Kampung Coklat

Writing about Blitar tourism is endless, although its name is not yet famous but it could be your recommendation when you spend...
betawi food

20 Traditional Snacks Jakarta

Jakarta's special cuisine, especially from Betawi, has a variety. Although there are authentic Betawi culinary, some foods, snacks and drinks are influenced...

Exploring the Beauty of Jelenga Beach that Gets the 2019 ISTA Festival Award

Speaking of tourist destinations, the beach is certain and seems to be an element that is always included in it. It was...
mount seminung lampung

Exploring the beauty of Mount Seminung Lampung

For adventure tourism enthusiasts, especially those who like hiking up and down the mountain, one of the attractions that should not be...
saumlaki beuatiful islands in indonesia

10 Beautiful Islands in Indonesia that you must visit once in a lifetime

Indonesia, which in fact is an island nation consisting of thousands of islands throughout the archipelago, holds millions of charm and beauty...
aie manih beach tourist attractions in padang

Explore the Various Tourist Attractions in Padang

Want to enjoy a complete tour package? No need to go far away, because of various tourist attractions in Padang, more than...
botanical garden, tourist attractions in bogor

Visiting Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bogor

Did you know that Bogor has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions? Well, what are the tourist attractions in Bogor that you...
kanipang beach, tourist attractions in makassar

Tourist Attractions in Makassar

Makassar is one of the big cities in Indonesia that has extraordinary natural beauty, although not too many people explore this big...