Get to know the typical Features of Bengkulu Traditional Houses


It is not surprising that Indonesia also has a very large number of traditional houses scattered throughout its territory. One of them is the Bengkulu traditional house, which is the typical traditional house of Bengkulu Province used by the people there since ancient times.

Every region in Indonesia must have their own customs that are upheld. This is what makes Indonesia even more attractive. Where Indonesia consists of hundreds of different cultures.

This Bengkulu traditional house is often referred to as Bubungan Lima which has its own characteristics. The material used to make this traditional house comes from Medang Kemuning wood or Suran Balam which has a soft impression but is very durable when used for building materials. For the plinth, the floor consists of wooden planks and the roof is shaded by palm leaves which make it cooler.

Characteristic Section Terrace

Bengkulu traditional house is very thick with Malay architecture in it. When you enter the terrace for the first time, you will be greeted by a room called the Berendo.

Its function is the same as the veranda to receive guests who come to the house and is also used as a place to relax by the residents in it. This berendo is one of the characteristics of the Bengkulu traditional house which is definitely a must.

It will not be complete if the Bengkulu traditional house is not accompanied by the Berendo.

Characteristic Upper and Lower Houses

At the top of the house or the roof using fibers for the traditional version of the house. As for the modern version of the house, many are using zinc as the roof.

Then for the lower part of the house, just like most traditional houses in Indonesia, a lot of wood is used as material. Likewise in this house using wood that is formed into boards or bamboo which is also formed into boards. So that it can be neater and easier to use.

Uniquely, under this house, it is covered again with thick bamboo crossing as protection against enemy attacks that attack from under the house. Because in the past, when the Bengkulu traditional house was built, there were still frequent wars between tribes.

Characteristics of the Back Terrace

Besides the berendo which is at the front of the house, there is also a terrace or berendo which is located at the back of the house. This berendō is more personal and closed so it is only used by family members to relax. In contrast to the front berendo that is used to welcome guests.

In addition, if there is a large family event, the back end is often used as a place to cook so that it can be useful when there are big events.


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