Jamu, Original Herbal Drinks from Indonesia

Jamu, Original Herbal Drinks from Indonesia

Indonesia has a wide variety of drinks ranging from cold, hot, sweet, and even sweet and sour drinks mixed into one in Indonesia. But of all that, there is a traditional drink native to Indonesia, namely Jamu.

Jamu is a traditional drink known from ancient times until now. This drink itself has good benefits for the body for those who drink it. This drink has a unique taste because it has a spicy, sweet, and bitter taste. Unique, isn’t it?

Indonesian herbal medicine has various kinds of original Indonesian spices to create the spicy, sweet, and bitter taste of native plant ingredients from Indonesia. Let’s see.


Ginger is a plant that is quite famous even throughout the world. Ginger has a spicy taste and creates a warm feeling that is quite smoldering and can warm the body when drunk. Ginger is a spice that is usually widely used as a cooking spice for housewives.

Ginger is used not only for household spices but also for traditional medicine, which is powerful enough to cure all diseases such as coughs, colds, flu, fever, and so on. The ginger most commonly used for herbal medicine is ginger emprit and red ginger. Wow, the benefits of ginger are excellent, friends.


Turmeric is a plant that is native to Indonesia as well as ginger. Turmeric is usually used for cooking spices to make various kinds of authentic Indonesian food. Turmeric has a yellowish-orange color, spicy and slightly bitter taste, and can be used as a natural yellow dye for some dishes or foods that you want to add pigment to.

Turmeric thrives widely in the regions of Indonesia because Indonesia’s soil is quite fertile, and the climate is quite good, so this plant grows quite fast.

The use of turmeric for herbal medicine is quite simple. Just boil it for a few minutes using water until a yellowish color appears from the turmeric, then filter it to get the essence of the turmeric, so that’s where the herbal water is created.

Now turmeric has health benefits, including for menstruating women, because it can reduce symptoms of prolonged menstrual pain during the menstrual period in women. For children, it can also increase appetite. It can also reduce nausea for those who have ulcer disease, stomach acid, and are coughing or flu.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar, also known as palm sugar, has a reddish-brown color that has a sweet taste and is usually used in herbal medicine as a sweetener. So that the bitter and spicy taste of herbal medicine is not too pronounced, especially for children who do not like spicy food too much. Brown sugar comes from the sap of palm trees that thrive in Indonesia.

Brown sugar is usually also mixed in sweet foods and can even be added to drinks to make it taste more adorable, such as cendol, coconut water, mixed ice, cold compote, and others. Brown sugar, which is rich in antioxidants, has many properties such as relieving joint and menstrual pain, as well as the use of turmeric.

Well, that’s all, friends, information about traditional Indonesian herbal drinks. Hopefully, it’s useful, friends.


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