Kedungu Beach, Black Sand Beach With The Best Surfing Spots


Have you ever been to Kedungu beach? If not, you must include it in your vacation list.

Kedungu Beach is often used as a tourist destination because it has calm waves accompanied by sand and rocks. This place is suitable as a surfing arena because the waves are friendly. Not infrequently, it is used as the right location to see the sunset.

Kedungu Beach Attractions

Kedungu Beach is located in Tabanan Bali. Indeed, Bali always offers beautiful beaches that are not found anywhere else. This beach has its own charm for local and foreign tourists.

Black sand

Unlike the beaches in general which offer the beauty of white sand, Kedungu Beach actually offers the beauty of black sand. Precisely because of its uniqueness, many tourists are curious and decide to visit here.

The black sand here is very fine and soft. Just like white sand in general. It’s just a different color. Kedungu Beach will be the right destination if you come here with children. Because they can play with the sand as much as they want.

The land that tends to be sloping also makes it easier for you while here.

Waterfall on the Beach

You may have never seen a waterfall on the beach, right? However, you can find this uniqueness at Kedungu Beach. There is a cliff area that is not too high. But issued a waterfall like in general.

You can enjoy the sensation of a waterfall that is easily accessible here. It will definitely be an interesting experience for you.

Best Surf Spot

Kedungu Beach is known for its waves that are suitable for surfing. Do not be surprised if every day this beach is filled with tourists who want to surf. At least 40 tourists surf. Of course it will be a pleasant sight, watching them dance on the waves.

Suitable for Fishing

Well, for those of you who like fishing, you can enjoy your hobby here. You can hunt fish hiding behind corals. It will definitely be a different fishing experience than ever before.

More Private

Although neighboring Tanah Lot, it’s still not as busy as Tanah Lot here. Because this beach is still relatively new. So not many tourists have glanced at this place. Here also has not been made a mandatory destination for Bali. Therefore, it is only natural that this beach looks deserted.

But the advantage is that you can enjoy your special moments more privately. Because there are not too many visitors and you can enjoy the view, you are more satisfied with the beauty of the place.

Instagrammable Photo Spots

The naturalness of the place and the beauty of the sunset here can be an interesting photo spot for you. Moreover, the sea water is not heavy, you can use it as a photo location combined with a sunset panorama. It’s beautiful isn’t it?


Unfortunately, the facilities here are minimal. However, for a prayer room parking lot is available in this place. Unlike beaches in Bali in general which provide restaurants and cafes, Kedungu Beach only provides small food stalls for visitors.

Ticket price

For those of you who want to vacation in this place, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Because the ticket price is very cheap. For a motorbike, you only need to pay 2 thousand and a car 3 thousand. This beach has long been managed by the local village since 2010.

The proceeds from visitors are replayed to develop the village and other facilities.

Love Beach

Cinta Beach is a new name for Kedungu Beach. Actually, this beach is still in the same area as Kedungu Beach. Because in Kedungu, the area is so wide that it includes more than one tourist spot.

This location is perfect for those of you who are on vacation with your partner. Because the atmosphere is very romantic. Here you can also plan a special honeymoon. This place is actually quite hidden.

But because of the power of social media, visitors to Cinta Kedungu Beach continue to experience a sharp increase. At least, there are 300 visitors who come on vacation on Sunday. Especially now that many young people are opening businesses on the beach by taking advantage of the sea view in the afternoon.


If you decide to visit Kedungu Beach, you can use a private vehicle such as a car or motorbike. Unfortunately, the road to the beach is very narrow so it can only be passed by motorbikes. As for the car, you can park in front of the gate and walk to the location.

If you are in Tabanan, you need to travel as far as 11 Km to get there. Meanwhile, from Denpasar, at least you travel 20 Km away. This location is closer to Tanah Lot, only about 3.5 Km.

Kedungu Beach is a tourist spot that has not been touched much so it still looks very natural. However, the beauty of the beaches presented is no less than the famous beaches in Bali. You can plan to come there with your family or partner.


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