Kelingking Island, Tempting White Sand Beach

Kelingking Island, Tempting White Sand Beach

Kelingking Island is an island located in one part of Nusa Penida-West Island. Kelingking Island is one of the many tourist destinations in Indonesia which has even become a favorite of many world tourists. This is not surprising, because the presentation of the scenery and natural beauty of this beach is indeed very beautiful.

Not only presents a view of the beach area with white sand which is very tempting, but also views of the vast expanse of the ocean you can see in this place, especially when you are in the area above the cliffs of this beach.

Another thing that is also the main attraction of this island is the view of the exotic blue color of the sea, the pounding of the big waves with their voices roaring and breaking in the distance on the beach, and the area is shaped like a little finger.

It is not surprising that everyone who has visited this beach will definitely come back again. Even though it has inadequate road access, it seems that local and foreign tourists don’t care about coming to this island, which is said to be in the same class as Bali.

Location of Kelingking Island

Even with its world-class beauty, the name Kelingking Island is still very foreign to the ears of the Indonesian people themselves. Until now, there are still many people who love domestic tourism who do not even know the name and location of this location. In fact, this island holds a million beauty that is quite stunning and amazing.

Actually, Kelingking Island Beach is still located in the area of ​​​​the island of Bali, or more precisely, it is located in Nusa Penida Bali, a small island located very close to the island of Bali. Kelingking Island is located in Karang-Dawa Hamlet, Bunga-Mekar Village, Nusa Penida District. Kelingking Beach is one of the many places that you need to visit when you travel to the island of Bali.

Kelingking Island presents a variety of scenic beauty which is called by many as a hidden paradise, and is still very rarely visited by tourists.

The Nusa Penida area is one of several small island groups from the province of Bali. Nusa Penida itself is located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali, which administratively belongs to the Klungkung Regency, Bali province.

Route to Kelingking Island

The route to come to Nusa Penida is actually not that difficult in general. You only need to use the services of a ferry that departs from the eastern port of Padang-Bai, it can also be from the Kusamba-Klungkung port, or from Sanur Beach.

Normally, you will sail with a travel time of about 30 to 45 minutes, especially if you rent a mini boat. For one crossing, you need a budget of Rp. 90,000.

As one of the islands included in the nominations for the world’s best beaches, the well-known travel site TripAdvisor which released and conducted the Travelers’-Choice Awards-2019 said that Pinkie Beach ranks 19th, which even beats the Greek island of Elafonissi-Beach as well as Surfers. -Paradise Beach Australia.

Best Visiting Time and Ticket Prices

If you have plans for a vacation to this hidden paradise beach, then the best time to visit is in the morning at 07.00. This is because at that hour, the atmosphere on this beach is still very quiet from visitors, and you will be able to enjoy the silence and beauty of this beach view calmly without many disturbances.

In this tourist spot, visitors are usually very crowded if you come at hours above 07.00. Because, every day the visit of tourists to this place is quite dense. Especially during the long holiday season. To be able to enter the beach area, you will be charged an entrance ticket price of 5,000, this price is specifically for local tourists.

Visitors’ Special Preparations and Equipment

There are several things that you need to prepare before you visit the little island, namely:

1) Sunblock; namely lotion to protect your skin from the heat of the sea sun.

2) Fit body condition and endurance; avoid visiting if you are not in a fit state, because there is a possibility that you will get sick if you are exposed to the hot sun of the beach which is very hot in this place.

3) Personal Special Bottle of Mineral Water; This is so that you are not thirsty during your activities at the beach.

4) Personal hat and Sun glass; The hat will protect your head from the hot sun. As for the glasses, they will protect your eyes from the glare of the sun during the day on this beach.

5) Masks; apart from because this is a pandemic period, masks will also protect you from thick ash and road dust while heading to this location.

6) Cameras;

In general, very many people who have never been to this island think that this beach must be the same as other beaches whose tourist offerings are monotonous, which is definitely about sea water and waves. However, you will not feel this when you arrive at this marine tourist spot. Because, this tourist spot offers a variety of views that are very interesting and might even make you forget to go home.

Types of Activities and Entertainment

There are several types of entertainment and fun activities that you can do while on this beach:

Beach View Located Right Below the Cliff

If you have only visited and watched the beach scenery on a wide coastal plain, then you will feel very different from the little finger beach. Because, on this island you will vacation on a beach located right under a steep cliff. Although steep, there are facilities for extreme stairs that have been prepared to spur your adrenaline to reach the beach.

If you really like adventure or adventure and are also in a fit body condition, then you can use the available extreme stairs to reach the beach. However, if you are not used to extreme activities like this, then this is not recommended for you. Because, it would be very risky and dangerous.

Dinosaur Head Shaped Rock Scenery

Among the amazing things and sights that you will find at Kelingking Beach is the view of the rock formation shaped like the head of a dinosaur named T-Rex which is very unique and is located right in the middle of the expanse of the open ocean.

Photo with Sea and Ocean Scenery

In the midst of very large waves in the beach area and its surroundings which complement the beauty of the scenery. You can capture these rare moments with photography using your smartphone.

Little Finger Shaped Beach

As the name suggests, this small beach island is unusually shaped, this is because this beach is shaped like a human little finger. Not only that, the shape of the sea gradation that presents a very stunning panorama will also be a complement and complete the beauty of the panorama that you get on this beach.


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