Singapore Zoo which Claimed to be the World’s Best Rain Forest Zoo


Singapore is home to three major societies that coexist in harmony. It has a growing economy, low levels of crime, no traffic congestion and a serene atmosphere that is unique to this island nation. Even if you’re only a short visit to Changi airport, you’ll be able to resist the feeling that there’s something special about Singapore.

A friend from the other side of the world was visiting town I suggested that we visit Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo which claimed to be the world’s best Rain forest Zoo’. I’m not sure about that because I haven’t been to enough zoos to be able to evaluate them but I have always had an excellent impression of the Singapore Zoo as I love the way that animals are free to roam around in their natural habitats. You are never sure what you’ll see in the trees over when you stroll through. That surprise element and that up-close-and-personal interaction with animals are just incredible experiences.

As with the other zoos in Singapore everything in the zoo was handled in a different way and efficient. I discovered a few ways in which Singapore Zoo stands out as one of the top Zoos around the globe.

Environmental Focus

Prior to entering the main gate I was struck by the zoo’s emphasis on the protection of the environment. I was planning to buy water bottles at a convenience store however, they didn’t have any. Instead, they were selling water bottles that were branded and had water refill stations all over the animal park.

The more skeptical of you might believe that it’s a good advertising strategy but it actually plays to your advantage. The water bottle I bought cost me $8, and I filled it five times. A standard bottle of water costs about $2. So I would have spent about $10 for water and thrown five plastic bottles in the garbage. Every little bit helps benefit the environment as well as your pocket. Staying hydrated in the tropical humid Singapore is vitally important.

A visit to Singapore Zoo offers the chance to see the way Singapore was like prior to its transformation to the concrete jungle that it is now. The entire zoo is an exotic jungle. There’s lush green vegetation as well as vibrant flowers and the soaring leaves of trees everywhere you are. The exhibits for birds and monkeys are made up of large trees and vines instead of planks made of plastic and ropes. This lets the monkeys can wiggle around in natural vines like they do in the wild.

Animals are contained

My favourite part of the Singapore Zoo was how most animals aren’t in cages, but instead are housed in huge enclosures with fencing that are about waist high. Inside of the fencing is a 2 to 3 meter moat to stop animals from leaping out. Wires and caging are placed in the moat to discourage animalslike cheetahs who are hesitant to venture outside of their enclosure.

The absence of cages means visitors are able to see the animals from eye-to-eye without the need for fencing or bars, and both animals and people remain safe. Certain animals are outside of enclosures completely. After entering the zoo I noticed a cotton-top Tamarin hanging from the tree’s branches just in the middle of the path!

One of the areas, dubbed the Fragile Forest is a massive netted aviary, with an enticing pathway for visitors to stroll down. It’s not possible to keep animals separate within the aviary, so as you’re walking down the path, vibrant green and red parrots fly over the head of yours, monkeys flutter along with you on tree branches and mice and squirrels dear walk along your feet. The sign even had a lemur with a ring sitting on the sign, identifying it. It was so close I could have been able to reach out and touch it.

To allow this degree of freedom, the zoo follows strict rules that prohibit visitors from touching or feeding animals without the permission of an employee. Certain animals, such as rhinos, elephants, giraffes and giant tortoises are allowed to eat under a monitored and planned feeding program. Limited animal food is available to purchase on a first-in-first-served basis.

Range as well as Organisation of Animals

Singapore Zoo has all of the famous animals you’d might expect to see at an zoo of the past, such as the lions, monkeys and crocodiles. However, it also features some unusual and endangered species.

There’s white tigers, rhinos as well as lemurs, tapirs, and babirusas, to just some. This was the very first baby babirusa that I’ve ever seen, and, if I were to describe it, I’d say that it’s like a bulldog, but so ugly it’s cute. Babirusas are thought to be an amalgamation of the deer and pig. They are characterized by having four long and pointed tusks. two on upper jaws, and 2 at the bottom.

The method Singapore Zoo has structured its exhibits of animals into geographic zones makes it more fascinating to visit.

The activity of Animals

As opposed to many zoos that I’ve visited species at Singapore Zoo were not sleeping but were active and fun. Perhaps it was the absence of cages that left the animals so content or perhaps it was the adequacy of Singapore’s tropical climate that resembles the natural habitats of many animals.

Whatever the case, they were the most happy animals I’ve seen in an animal park. From a lioness rubbing her claws against trees as well as the sound of elephants singing across the field, and meercats staying awake, just like The Lion King. The animals at Singapore Zoo appeared to be enjoying their lives.

Daily Programs and Presentations

Singapore Zoo runs 4 shows/presentations each day, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

  • Splash Safari show cases an Acrobatic sealion
  • Animal Friends Show lets children play with domestic animals
  • Elephant presentation offers viewers an opportunity to see the distinctive personality of the two Asian elephants
  • Rain forest Combats Back informs visitors about the species that are native to rain forests in danger of losing their habitats.

I was watching Rain forest Fights Back the 15-minute program presented by the staff of the zoo. The presenter presented around 10 or so animals that were threatened by habitats in the rain forest, including an eagle from South America and a lemur from Madagascar.

Outer City Location

In contrast to other zoos that are located in the middle of cities, Singapore Zoo is only 30 minutes drive from the city’s downtown. The country is tiny (taking about 45 minutes to travel from the east toward the west) it is most likely the farthest attraction to the city.

Worth the brief trip, the zoo’s geographical location allows it to have huge water reservoirs as well as natural gardens and ample room for every animal.

Themed Exhibits

Singapore Zoo rotates seasonal themed exhibits, in addition to its usual offerings. One of the most popular exhibits includes Rain forest Lumina, an interactive audio-visual show that uses neon lights to tell tales about animals of the rainforest.

The exhibit is open from May through June this year. I was there in March but couldn’t be able to go. The entry up to Rainforest Lumina will require an added ticket for Zoo admission.

While I was at the zoo it was free to visit an exhibit named Dragons and Beasts, featuring mechanical representations that of dragons featured in Game of Thrones and mythical creatures like griffins that are from The Harry Potter world. I was able to get the impression that this exhibit was mostly for kids, but it was nevertheless quite interesting experiencing a 3D-realistic replica of the GoT dragon.

The Bottom Line

No matter if you’re an animal lover Singapore Zoo is one world-class tourist attraction not to be overlooked. The semi-open enclosures and the tropical forest habitat provide visitors with an insight into the way animals behave in their natural surroundings.

Zoo’s collaboration with Safari and Night Safari. Safari and the Night Safari means that visitors can enjoy a full day of exploring the habitat and observing animals that they might not experience elsewhere.

Zoos are a great example of how Singapore’s creative attitude allows things to be done slightly differently and perhaps just a bit better.


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