That Beautiful Corner is Called SIDEROAD

That Beautiful Corner is Called SIDEROAD

If only Mataram Square Hotel wasn’t towering nearby, this tiny shop would most likely be the most graceful sight along Jalan R. Suprato, Mataram City.

It is very natural indeed, because the hotel stands majestically among the buildings that fill the same shopping complex area. However, it is located slightly indented; makes it a big weak point.

Among road users who are milling about one way to the south, Jalan R. Suprapto itself is quite strategic. Its existence should not be taken lightly, although it is often seen as just a connecting road.

Along the route, many street vendors jostle for attention. Who else if not the attention of road users who cross the “connecting road”.

The Tiny One from the Pile

Mataram Square Hotel may be the largest in the lush area. However, like it or not, the charm of its existence has to compete with much smaller ornaments.

One of the challengers that can look the most serious in terms of appearance is SIDEROAD. A small coffee shop that—open every Monday-Saturday from 3 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.—appears with a planned makeup concept.

This shop is clearly far from balanced with Mataram Square Hotel when compared in size. However, there is one variable where SIDEROAD. able to put up a fight.

Using only one room of a shophouse that has been transformed with an interior that impresses with warmth, SIDEROAD. sticking out hunting for the same attention. This is one of the interesting sides.

Be the prettiest

But despite her “beauty battle” with the giant, SIDEROAD. clearly a contrast. This is of course when compared to other tiny “decorations” in the same area.

Unlike the Mataram Square Hotel, the location of SIDEROAD. it’s more out. In fact, according to its name when translated literally, its position is standing right on the side of the road.

As a result, judging from the appearance and position, SIDEROAD. instead of an orange ball in the middle of a white snowfield. If I may exaggerate, this place is one of the most prominent corners on a ± 300 m long road.

Have Two Opposite Sides

If you visit, you will be greeted with a simple and clean indoor atmosphere. This inner area is also a place for the kitchen and cashier which is integrated with the bar. Two staff will serve visitors.

Visitors will be directed directly to the cashier to order and pay for orders. After that, we can freely choose a seat. In addition to indoor, this shop itself also provides a semi-outdoor place.

Two parts of the space offered by SIDEROAD. this is interesting. This is because it creates opposite experiences even though they are side by side.

The inside itself is quite quiet and is able to reduce noise pollution from outside. Meanwhile, if you choose to sit in the outdoor area, the atmosphere will be filled with the noise of vehicles on busy Jalan R. Suprapto.

Dominant Light Makeup

Well, when it comes at night, the dominance of the warm white light will appear dominant. In addition to creating a warm impression, the dominance of this light is also the basis of SIDEROAD’s makeup. in showing off.

As a result, this shop appears with an array of bright dim colors, but not to the point of squealing the eye. The furniture that is displayed does not leave a strange impression. The combination of natural wood and white colors looks right.

It will be quite easy to see the angle of the SIDEROAD position. is at. We only need to follow Jalan R. Suprapto from Jalan Langko, Mataram. When departing from the Old City of Ampenan, follow Jalan Yos Sudarso towards the east to get to Jalan Langko.

The location is in the Mataram Square Hotel shopping complex, right on the right side of the road before the Seruni red light intersection. It is more advisable to visit the location with a two-wheeled vehicle to make parking easier.

Not a Beauty Contest

Unfortunately, the reality is SIDEROAD. not in a beauty pageant. Just looking beautiful certainly will not guarantee the continuity of its existence.

SIDEROAD. may be the only coffee shop on Jalan R. Suprapto so far. However, this shop, which is decorated with two staff, is not the only coffee shop in Mataram City.

Yes, a coffee shop is still a coffee shop. The menu list that is presented is certainly an element that is no less important. Understanding this, of course, this shop, which is often referred to by the abbreviation “SR”, has several collections of treats.

Coffee drinks such as espresso, americano, cappuccino, macchiato, or café latte, of course sound familiar. These rows of menus are so commonplace that they are perched on the menu lists of coffee shops in general.

Not until we spend as deep as Rp. 30 thousand, we can already enjoy the rows of menus that are categorized as coffee-based menus. We can also choose to enjoy it with ice or not.

In addition, drinks made from milk (milk based) can also be enjoyed at this place. Two of them are matcha and red velvet which are SIDEROAD’s favorites. in that category.

There is also a selection of mocktails that can be an option to enjoy a number of food menus here. Virgin Mojito is one of the most interesting when paired with french fries.

Sipping a Cup of Sasakano

For those of us who don’t want to spend a big budget just for beautiful coffee, Sasakano can at least be an option. Classic black coffee with the jargon of “local pride” by SIDEROAD.

To take a sip per cup, we only need to give up Rp. 10 thousand. Sasakano could be the cheapest option. However, the taste that we will receive is far from the impression of instant coffee sachets.

Sasakano’s appearance is actually normal. Like brewed coffee, but the grind size of the coffee beans is smoother. Even though it is included in the coffee based category, this menu only presents itself with a hot drink version. No ice.

It’s no exaggeration if Sasakano feels like a symbol of simplicity among the menus at SIDEROAD. other. Even so, the impression of inferiority is like a special oasis for the customer segment who feels that their hangout budget is “limited”.

Surrounded by Mainstay Menu

As for the strongest siege for Sasakano at SIDEROAD. is a row of drink menus with odd names. Three of them are McUnus, McBoncol, and McBonus.

These menus are openly lined up in the signature series which incidentally is a mainstay menu—like coffee shops that have invaded the lifestyle of today’s society.

It doesn’t stop there, the menu that is included in the Frosty Series category also adds to the length of the list. And, recently also SIDEROAD. spawned a new menu filling their mocktail line with Japanese Blossom.

However, Sasakano can still find its audience among SIDEROAD customers. alone. This is evidenced by the journey of this shop which is almost 2 years old.


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