4 Types of Unique and Exotic Sundanese Traditional Houses


Indonesia has a wide variety of cultures that vary from Sabang to Merauke. All cultures have different characters. Sundanese culture has an interesting exotic value compared to others, one of which lies in its traditional house.

This building upholds the historical and historical value of the Sundanese people. Here are some types of unique and exotic Sundanese traditional houses.

Saung Ranggon is a type of Sundanese traditional house built in the 16th century which functions as a place to wait for rice and crops. This house is built with a height of about 3 to 4 meters above ground level. This function is to protect the house from attack by wild animals.

Saung Ranggon has an area of ​​500 square meters consisting of an open space without a partition. The walls are made of bamboo and the poles are made of wood. At the bottom of this house there is a well surrounded by an iron fence which is usually used as a place to store heirlooms

Imah Badak Heuay

The next Sundanese traditional house is the traditional house of Imah Badak Heuay which means the house of the rhino yawning. This name was given because the shape of the house is similar to the shape of a rhino that is yawning.

This is because the roof design is made in a gaping shape. This house has a philosophical meaning, which represents the Sundanese people who are open and friendly to everyone. The framework and walls of this traditional house are made of bamboo and wood, where these two materials are analogous to nurturing and humble attitudes.

Imah Julang Ngapak

This traditional house is very rare because many people no longer use this design. The design of this traditional house is similar to the shape of a bird that is flapping its wings.

The roof of the house forms a V like the wings of a flying bird. The symbolic value of this house is that humans live in the middle between heaven and earth so that humans must act neutrally in dealing with all problems.

Imah Jolopong

Imah Jolopong is a Sundanese traditional house which has the simplest design because it doesn’t have many knick-knacks and complicated curves like other traditional houses. Imah Jolopong can be found in rural areas. The shape of the roof of this house is shaped like an elongated saddle which consists of two fields separated by a suhunan rod in the middle.

This traditional house has several rooms such as patio (terrace), middle imah (living room), pangkeng (bedroom), pawon (kitchen), padaringan (place to store rice) and tepas (living room).


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