A little story of BJ Habibie During His life


Who doesn’t know Mr. Habibie? The man who had served as the 3rd president of Indoneisa, replaced the government of President Soeharto. Previously BJ Habibie served as vice president. Not only is his love story with Bu Ainun legendary, but the contribution of his work has made him increasingly embraced by the Indonesian people.

Habibie is one of the figures in Indonesia who is famous for his intelligence. Some even say that his intelligence is the same as the Germans who are already famous for their intelligent people. In order to know more about his life history, the following will explain more fully about Mr. Habibie.

Complete Biography of BJ Habibie

His full name is Prof. DR (HC) Ing. Dr. Sc. Mult. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie or better known as BJ Habibie. He is known to be studious, so much so that he achieved many during his lifetime. In order to get to know Pak Habibie better, here is his biography.


Mr. Habibie is the fourth child of a father named Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and a mother named R.A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. He was born in Pare-Pare on 25 June 1936 in South Sulawesi Province. In his childhood, Habibie had shown his intelligence and enthusiasm for science, especially physics technology.

Habibie grew up in a religious environment, his father often recited verses from the Holy Quran since he was a child. And made a positive influence on little Habibie, That’s why he has been able to read the Quran fluently since he was three years old. Habibie is also famous for his intelligence.


BJ Habibie completed his elementary school in Pare-Pare. But after his father died, the family moved to Java. There Habibie continued to SMP 5 Bandung. Then he attended High School at Gouverments Midllebare School in the same city. Then proceed to the Faculty of Engineering ITB majoring in mechanical engineering in 1954.

Shortly studying at ITB, in 1955 Habibie received a scholarship from the Minister of Education and Culture to Germany. He specializes in aircraft construction or aeronautical engineering at Rhein Westfallen Aachen Technisce Hochscule (RWTH). And got his Ing degree in 1960.

Not satisfied with studying, Habibie continued his doctoral studies Technische Hochshule Die Facultaet Fuer Maschinenwrsen and graduated in 1965. After graduating, he worked on a Railway Firma Talbot in Germany. Habibie worked while continuing his doctoral studies.


Who doesn’t know about the film Habibie Ainun, in which BJ Habibie tells the story of true love and his beloved wife, Mrs. Ainun. The story begins between Habibie and Ainun as teenagers, but both of them pay attention to each other when they are at a high school in Bandung. Their communication was cut off when Habibie continued his studies in Germany, while Ainun continued his studies in Indonesia.

Habibie Ainun married in 1962, and was immediately brought to Germany because Habibie was still studying there. When married to Habibie, Ainun felt a dilemma. Because there are two choices, the first one remains to work at the Hamburg Hospital or as a housewife who works behind the scenes. From the results of their marriage, they were blessed with two sons named Ilham Akbar Habibie and Thareq Kemal Habibie.

That is a glimpse of BJ Habibie’s life journey. With all his genius, Habibie already has a lot of recognition from international class institutions. Even because of his invention, he got the nickname Mr. Crack. He has received prestigious awards equivalent to the Nobel Prize, namely the Edward Warner Award and the Award For Karman. Interesting story, right?


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