Amazing Tourist Attractions in Magelang

Amazing Tourist Attractions in Magelang

With the topography of the area surrounded by mountains, Magelang seems to be clad in natural beauty. No wonder so many interesting tourist attractions in Magelang to visit. Not to mention the existence of ancient sites scattered in several areas in this district. In addition to being interesting as a historical tourist attraction, can also be used as an educational tourist attraction. Here are the amazing tourism spots that adorn one of the regions in the province of Central Java:

Borobudur Temple

This is the most amazing landmark that Indonesia has. And become a world heritage after UNESCO established it as a World Heritage Sites. The largest Buddhist temple founded by Syailendra in the IX century has 504 stupas with 1460 reliefs.

The building of this temple is so enchanting. Because even though it was built without using high technology, it is able to present a sturdy building structure and high architectural artistic value. The almost perfect beauty of Borobudur is more complete with a charming natural panorama background.

Not surprisingly, this tourist destination is never empty of visitors, both local and foreign tourists.

Mendut Temple

mendut temple magelang attraction
Mendut Temple – image source:

Although it is not as grand as Borobudur Temple, Mendut Temple which is located in Mendur Village, this district has its own charm. Mendut older than Borobudur. The two forms are different from the temples in Indonesia which generally face east, while the Mendut temple faces West.

The three reliefs owned by this temple are quite unique, because they only carry pictures of heavenly creatures and animals. Moreover, this 13.7 x 13.7 meter temple built of andesite stone is routinely used as a place to celebrate Vesak Ceremony every May.

Kedung Kayang Waterfall

kedung kayang waterfall magelang
Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Other tourist attractions in Magelang which are interesting to visit are Kedung Kayang waterfall. The waterfall with a height of around 40 meters is located between Merbabu Mountain and Merapi Mountain. The swift water flowing from a height. Plus the surrounding atmosphere which is fenced by a green hill with a river that flows clear water.

Ketep Pass

ketep pass magelang
Ketep Pass View, Magelang

For tourists who want to see the hot clouds of Mount Merapi from its source, can come to Ketep Pass and take advantage of binoculars in Gardu Pandang and in the Panca Arga Plateau there.

Not only Mount Merapi can be witnessed from that place, but also Mount Sumbing, Merbabu, Sindoro, and Mount Slamet. Tourist attractions at this height also present the beauty of rice fields. And equipt with facilities for tourists, such as the Volcanology Museum and mini cinema.

Kyai Langgeng Park

Taman Kyai Langgeng is arguably a favorite tourist spot in Magelang. Because in addition to its green location by trees with fresh air. Various game facilities for children are also available here. Such as swimming pools, jetcoster games, airplane prototypes, dinosaur statues with size as the original, a collection of rare plants, and many more game facilities for children and adolescents.

This family tourism destination located in the south of Magelang city center also provides library facilities. White water rafting facilities, and routinely holds art attractions, both traditional and modern art.

In addition to the five tourist spots above, there are still many other tourist attractions in Magelang that are interesting to visit. Such as the town square of Magelang, rafting on the Upper Progo River, the Chinatown area, Bukit Tidar, Bangka Park, Pawon Temple, and several other tourist attractions.


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