Go on an Adventure in the Beauty of Lake Lebar Suoh Lampung


The name of Bukit Barisan National Park (TNBB) in Lampung Province is certainly familiar, because there is a lot of information about this National Park, and even becomes subject matter that students must memorize at school.

However, not many people know, how much the potential of this National Park, especially in the field of tourism, because there are still many tourism potentials in TNBB that have not been well managed, one of which is Danau Lebar in Suoh District, West Lampung Regency.

Tourists who come here, will not only find Lake Lebar with its clear water, but also Lake Oil and Lake Asam which are located close together. But unfortunately, because of its remote location with heavy terrain, making this tourist destination rarely glimpsed by tourists. Though to be able to enjoy its beauty, there is no need to pay or free.

A Brief Description of Danau Lebar Suoh Lampung

Lake Lebar and the two other lakes nearby are thought to have formed from the eruption of Mount Ratu that occurred in 1933. Because of this, volcanic activity can still be seen today, namely the change in color in the Oil Lake which makes the color of the water sparkle as if covered by oil. Likewise with Asam Lake which has a high enough acid content.

The three lakes are part of the Suoh Subdistrict region which is located in remote areas and covered by forests and with a sparse population. Whereas before 1950 the area had the most population in West Lampung Regency. However, after the earthquake took place 7 days and 7 nights, many residents fled their homes.

At present the conditions in the Suoh region have returned to normal. Many Javanese people reside in this district. Her fertile land and filled with rice fields, orchards and coffee plantations, made Suoh known as a rice barn in West Lampung Regency.

The Charm of Danau Lebar Suoh Lampung

Enchanting natural charm, not only enjoyed by tourists when in the location of the lake, but has been presented when traveling to the location. However, to be able to enjoy the beauty, it must be redeemed with sweat because the terrain is quite heavy.

Tourists who depart from residential areas, must walk or use certain vehicles such as trail motorbikes or 4-WD cars, because the road must be steep and rocky and crossing hills which are often called Bukit Teletubbies. At the top of one of the hills that the beauty of the three lakes can be seen from above the height against the background of the Loreng Mountains which is a habitat for Wild Buffaloes.

Arriving at the Danau Lebar location, anyone will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape in the 65-hectare lake area. The water from the top of the hill looks dark blue, so approached it looks very clear. In the middle of the lake there is an island called the Wide Island.

Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Lake Lebar, if you want to enjoy the other two lakes, travelers must explore the cocoa plantations owned by residents through the trail and along the vast expanse of grassland. Arriving at a small hill, those who bring vehicles can park it there.

The next journey is taken on foot to an area called Keramikan. In that place lay vast silica desert and has a variety of thicknesses. Along the road in the area there are small pools that spout natural hot water.

After passing Keramikan, the journey continues with a forest along a small river as deep as 30 cm. The river water gives off a pungent smell of sulfur, because there are natural gas bursts around it.

Nature Treat

After walking for 20-30 minutes, I arrived at a place filled with flower bags of semar and a small river and a yellowish sand like sand on the beach. At this location called the Yellow Sand can also be found mountain-shaped mounds that emit white smoke in the middle.

Not far from Yellow Sand that is the location of Asam Lake. This lake has an area of 85 hectares with views that are no less beautiful than Lake Lebar. Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Asam Lake, to go to Lake Oil must return to the small hill to take a vehicle parked there.

The trip to Lake Oil can be reached by vehicle. The 15-hectare lake is also called the Three-Color Lake, because the color of the water is often changing, as if mixed with oil. On the edge of this lake there is a Red Crater in the form of an area that ejects natural gas and emits a bright red water.

The beauty and interesting natural phenomena in Wide Lake and the two other lakes is actually a great potential to suck up tourists. But because it is still not well managed, making this tourist destination quiet of visitors.


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