Geopark Silokek Sijunjung


Silokek Geopark located in Sijunjung District is an unspoiled nature tourism. To get there we need a 4 hour drive from the city of Padang around 145 km. Geokark silokek is one of the attractions in Sijunjung district. In addition there are traditional villages which are already included in UNESCO.

The location of the silokek itself is in an area formed thousands of years ago, which forms an area that can offer very high potential. Not only natural wealth (geology, flora and fauna), the Silokek National Geopark also has cultural heritage and steam locomotive tours from Japan.

National Geopark Area

Silokek has also been designated a national geopark area by the Sijunjung Regency Government. With its exotic panorama, geological heritage, and cultural diversity, fauna and flora, Silokek is an invaluable tourism asset.

Here travelers can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery. But it can also explore knowledge about history. Especially about coal mining, also about romusha.

It is said that here, thousands of romushas were forced to split part of the Sijunjung forest to make a railroad line from Sijunjung to Pekanbaru.

Activities at the Sijunjung Silokek Geopark

There is something unique about this Silokek Geopark tourist area, there are old rocks that were 359 million years ago. Which consists of Limestone (Karst), Sendiment Rock, Metamorphic Rock and Granite Intrusion.

In addition to mountain rocks, there are also sea rocks, which geologists say are said to have gone through three eras in the Geological Time Scale. That is reflected in the arrangement of the stones. And an interesting geological potential is the exquisite vertical karst cliff (over 70 meters high) as a result of the geological fault process (tectonic fault) with trace faults that are still well recorded.

Rafting World Cup

The development of this Silokek Geopark has been proven by the holding of the Silokek Geofest Rafting World Cup in Adat Village, Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatra, Sunday afternoon (11/10/2019) which was officially beaten.

The opening of the activity was immediately opened by the Regent of Sijunjung Regency, Yuswir Arifin, Chair of the Indonesia Rafting, Amalia Yunita and President of International Rafting.

“We are very grateful to the Indonesian rafting federation for giving Sijunjung the opportunity to hold this international scale event in Sijunjung,” Yuswir said when giving a speech on Sunday in a quote.

This event was held on November 14th. Followed by Indonesian athletes also foreign countries. There were approximately 257 participants who took part in the event.


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