Indonesia’s Most Famous Regional Dance

Indonesia’s Most Famous Regional Dance

Indonesia is inseparable from the names of culture, customs, arts, culinary, tourism and even its musical instruments. However, what about Indonesia’s most famous traditional dances? Well, this is no less important, because Indonesia has many types of traditional dances that you should know about. Whatever it is, let’s just see as below.

Saman Dance

This saman dance is already familiar to you and even this dance has gone international. This saman dance comes from Aceh and consists of several dancers. Not only that, this saman dance is usually performed during performances, events or commemorating important events in adat. In addition, this saman dance is also usually performed at the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Kecak Dance

This kecak dance may often be seen and encountered when you are in Bali precisely in the Uluwatu area, Bali. Where this kecak dance is usually performed by dozens of male dancers who later sit in a circle and raise both hands and shout the sound of “cak” repeatedly. According to information obtained, it is said that this dance is done to tell the story of Ramayana.

Tor-Tor Dance

Next there is also the tor-tor dance which is a variety of Indonesian culture that you must know. Where this regional dance originated from the Toba Batak tribe in North Sumatra. For the name of this dance is the Tor-Tor Dance and is the sound of the dancers’ footsteps on the floor of a traditional Batak traditional house board. So, in ancient times the tor-tor dance was performed as a form of offering to ancestral spirits.

Jaipong Dance

This regional dance from West Java is a dance that is quite popular in Indonesia. Where West Java is not only famous for its traditional musical instruments, but also its Jaipong dance performed by several women. However, the unique thing is that this Jaipong dance also has several movements from pencak silat and ronggeng dance and tap tilu dance. Dances like this usually tell about the characteristics of Sundanese women who are hardworking, brave, romantic and independent.

Plate Dance

The last to be the most famous and great regional dance is the plate dance originating from West Sumatra. Where this dance uses property in the form of plates that will be swung during the performance. So, the dancers will show an extraordinary dance using a plate without falling or breaking.

Well, that is some information that you can see about the most popular and well-known regional dances in Indonesia.


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