Indonesia’s Unique Animals

Indonesia’s Unique Animals

It is undeniable that Indonesia is called one of the very, very rich countries. How not? Indonesia is present with more than 17,000 islands and diverse cultures, ethnicities and languages. Interestingly, various unique habitats differ from one another scattered throughout the archipelago. Yes, consciously or not, our beloved homeland has become the home of different unique species that do not exist in other countries. Here is a list of some amazing animals in Indonesia for additional information!

Tarsier Ape

Indonesia’s Unique Animals

One of the unique primates that are unique to Indonesia is the tarsier. Have you heard of it or perhaps have seen it in person? This animal also has another name, mentilin and comes from the Bangka Belitung area. Tarsier macaques have a reddish-brown colour, and some also have a brownish-gray colour.

Usually, the tarsier monkey will come out at night and depend on tree branches for food. Due to its length, which is only about 12 to 15 cm, the tarsier ape has earned the nickname of the smallest primate in the world.


The tiger is one of Indonesia’s native animals whose existence is almost extinct. Maybe Africa is known as one of the areas with a relatively large distribution of tiger habitats.

However, you should not close your eyes if Indonesia has tiger species that do not exist in other parts of the world. As a unique animal in Indonesia, tigers come with at least two different species, namely the Sumatran and Bali tigers.

Unfortunately, the Bali tiger has been declared extinct since 1937 due to its habitat destruction. And it is very worrying because now the Sumatran tiger is also said to be a rare animal, with only about 5000 remains.


Indeed, there are many primate species scattered throughout the world. Indonesia is no exception. The population and existence are no longer privileged because of the extensive distribution of primate species. However, it is different from this rare primate species, namely the orangutan, which can only be found in Indonesia.

Because of its uniqueness, the orangutan has become one of the rare animals whose habitat must be protected and protected by the world. Even though they are still part of the ape family, orangutans have longer hair than other types of monkeys.


There are at least two types of rhinos in Indonesia, and both are endangered animals that are protected. The Javan rhinoceros and the Sumatran rhinoceros differ in terms of their horns. Compared to the Sumatran rhino, most people are more familiar with the one-horned rhinoceros from Java.

Even though the government has set up unique captivity in Ujung Kulon, it is unfortunate that rhino growth decreases due to several factors. Even in the latest published data, it is known that the number of rhinos as one of Indonesia’s unique animals is only about tens.


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