Authentic Indonesian Culinary You Must Try

Authentic Indonesian Culinary You Must Try

Who is not familiar with authentic Indonesian cuisine? You can find many culinary delights in Indonesia, ranging from culinary delights to traditional snacks that are already well-known at low prices, but the taste is very evocative. What Indonesian cuisine have you tried? Maybe, if you are a lover of the famous Indonesian culinary world, you are already familiar with the names of Indonesian culinary delights in various regions. However, if you are not a lover of Indonesian cuisine, through this article, I will share a little information about authentic Indonesian cuisine that you must try.

Soto Kudus

Authentic Indonesian Culinary You Must Try

The first authentic Indonesian food that you must try is Soto Kudus. This soup is one of the most famous soups, and you can easily find it in the Kudus area, Central Java. Maybe, if you look, the texture and shape are the same as most other Soto. However, you will find some differences in taste when tasting this authentic Indonesian food or cuisine. In addition, you can only see this Soto in the Kudus area. So, when you visit Kudus, you must try one of these culinary delights.

Ponorogo Satay

Yup! Who has never heard of this satay which is quite famous in Ponorogo? Sate Ponorogo is one type of satay that is quite famous. The delicious taste of a combination of peanut sauce and soy sauce adds to the taste of this type of satay that is unmatched by other types of satay. Have you ever tried it? If you have ever tried this authentic Indonesian cuisine, you will find a difference in taste, especially in the taste of the spices and the texture of the herbs, which are a bit thick compared to other types of satay. Luckily, nowadays, you can find this satay in areas other than Ponorogo because you can find it in other parts of Indonesia.

Spicy Sour Fish

Spicy, sour fish is one of the culinary origins of the Malay land. You can find this food when you are in an area with Malay culture. This food is very popular in Indonesia, especially in Riau and Kalimantan. The main ingredient of this cuisine is fish with spices, namely spicy sauce and acids that add to this dish’s spicy and sour taste. Basically, you can also find this food easily in other areas of Indonesia besides Riau and Kalimantan. However, it is not wrong to try it directly from the site that started to introduce it. Of course, the taste will be different.

Soto Medan

If in Kudus you know Soto Kudus, then in Medan you will know Soto Medan. Soto Medan is a type of Soto that is different from other Soto because this authentic Indonesian cuisine is cooked by pressing coconut milk once. Hence, it is not wrong if the sauce in this Soto is very thick. This soup is served with spices added to cakes and other side dishes such as tomatoes, eggs, and other ingredients. This food is also made in 2 types of meat, namely mutton or beef.


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