Papua’s Natural Beach, Beauty Too Beautiful To Miss


To relieve fatigue and boredom facing a routine that seems endless, some people choose to visit the beach. Some beautiful and charming beaches should be used as a good stress release.

Eastern Indonesia is famous for its beautiful beaches, and many are still virgins. The beauty can not be avoided and recognized by local and foreign tourists.

Curious about these eye-cooling beaches? Come on, let’s talk about the natural beaches of Papua, Indonesia, which are the favorites of tourists. No wonder those who have visited it want to come back again.

Papua’s Charming Natural Beach Recommendations

Typical of these beaches from eastern Indonesia is the tempting white sand. The seawater is undoubtedly very clear because it is far from pollution and coral reefs that are no less beautiful.

Yen Beba Beach

Located in Manokwari, West Papua, this is one of the most potent forms of entertainment to relieve fatigue. The place is not far from the city center, so many workers visit it after working all day.

The existence of Mansinan Island is an added value from Yen Beba beach because the entry of the gospel in Papua was originally from this island. The exoticism of this beach is recognized by the tourists who enjoy it.

Kaironi Beach

Papua’s natural coast has a coastline of not less than 4 km. The uniqueness is in the Leatherback Turtle Hatchery, which usually starts from November-January. While the Lekang Turtle is from March to May. Another Green Turtle from July to September.

Triton Bay Beach

Have you ever heard the name Kaimana? Triton Bay Beach is located in Kaimana, Papua. The famous beauty on this beach is the underwater with its unique and charming coral reefs.

The coral reefs on the Triton Bay Beach are coral reefs that are not arbitrary because they are scarce, plus there are animals that are also rare today, namely Sea Stars. Diving is certainly one option that can be done when traveling to this uniquely beautiful beach.

Venue Island Beach

It is located in the south of Buruway District, Papua. This beach is a small island that covers only about 15 hectares. The existence of super clean and soft sand is an incomparable natural charm.

As additional information, on the Venue Island Beach, coral reefs are incredibly charming. In addition, leatherback turtles also choose this place to breed.

There are other endemic animals and migrant animals, namely the Pelicans. Maleo birds are famous in foreign countries. From Kaimana Regency, getting to this place via sea takes about 3-5 hours.

Bakaro Beach

Bakaro Beach is a famous beach because it is very crowded with foreign and local tourists. The activity of calling fish to the shore from the high seas with a whistle is a charm in itself. This activity was carried out to feed the fish from the high seas.

Bosnik Beach

The softness of clean white sand at this tourist spot in East Biak, Papua, makes visitors feel lulled and pampered to the fullest. With its beauty, it’s no wonder the people of Biak are very proud of this Bosnik Beach.

Another advantage is the existence of coral reefs that can be enjoyed and visited by divers. Surely the divers are so fascinated and will miss the beauty of the underwater world on this natural Papuan beach.

Those were some of Papua’s natural beaches that can be considered and choices to enjoy natural nuances that make the mind fresh again. Yes, actually, in Indonesia, many natural gifts can be appreciated.



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