Hidden Tourism Papua, Lake Sentani


Lake Sentani is one of the most beautiful hidden tourist spots in Papua. This lake holds very rich natural resources. Various freshwater fish species live in this lake, some of which are even endemic to Sentani.

The lake, which is located on the slopes of the Cyclops Nature Reserve, displays the diversity of nature. It also has a beautiful hill called Teletubbies hill. In this place, visitors will not miss the beauty of the sunset as a long-awaited moment.

The lake itself has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 9,360 hectares and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the hill by going up to the MacArthur Monument. From the top of the mountain, visitors can see the green scenery of the trees.

This hidden Papua tourism also holds a wealth of history. Well, in this article, we will review more about Lake Sentani.

History of Lake Sentani

Sentani is relatively new because the Dutch Colonial Government gave the word. In fact, the area has been inhabited by humans since around the 18th century. Previously, local people named the area around the lake Phuyakha.

The name comes from two words, namely Phu and Yakha. Phu means water, and Yakha means light, visible, visible. So, Phuyakha means bright water.

In 1898 the Dutch colonizers entered the area and saw the people’s livelihoods around the lake as farmers. This is because the land around the lake is very fertile. After all, it is fed by more than 10 tributaries that originate in the Cyclops Mountains.

The Dutch colonialists then made the area a center for plantations and agriculture. This was done to supply the needs of vegetables and fruits for the City of Holland, which is now Jayapura.

The Dutch then called the area the Central Agriculture or abbreviated Sentani. At that time, the Dutch had attempted to grow coffee, cocoa, coconut, and vegetables on a large scale.

However, floods often deplete the agricultural produce, so the agriculture center moves to the Genyem area south of the lake. Now Sentani is no longer known for its agriculture but has become a hidden tourist attraction in Papua with many historical relics.

Sentani Lake Shark

Some time ago, cyberspace and several people in Jayapura were shocked by the discovery of three sharks after the flash flood that hit Jayapura. The findings eventually went viral and reaped various responses.

Based on research from a senior Papua Archaeologist, Hari Suroto, the sharks come from Lake Sentani. The sharks are in a freshwater lake because, in the past, the lake was part of the sea that jutted into the land.

Activities at Lake Sentani Papua Hidden Tourism

What activities can be done in this hidden tourist spot in Papua? So, here are some interesting activities that visitors can do at Lake Sentani.

Around the Lake

One of the interesting activities on this lake, namely along the lake by boat while enjoying the cool air and the beauty of the lake.

Swimming in the Lake

The next fun activity is swimming in the lake.

Enjoying the View on Teletubbies Hill

To get to Teletubbies Hill, tourists must go trekking. On top of this hill will be presented a very beautiful view.

Seeing Tifa Sacred

sacred tifa sentani papua

Yobeh Village, one of the 24 traditional villages on Lake Sentani, holds magical stories and sacred objects. One of the holy objects typical of Papua is a drum or drum that is 200 years old.

Such is the review of Papua’s hidden tourism, Sentani Lake. This tour is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Papua. Hopefully, the reviews in this article are useful.


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