Unique Tradition Nias Jump Stone


The stone jumping tradition of Nias is one of the most popular traditions, even worldwide popularity. Indonesians themselves know this tradition because it has often been broadcast on television and has also been immortalized in one thousand rupiah denominations in 1992. Until now, this tradition is still being carried out today.

For those of you who travel to Nias, it is highly recommended that you witness this unique tradition. In the Nias language, the stone jumping activity is called Fahombo or Hombo Batu. The following is a brief explanation of the stone jumping tradition.

The Meaning of the Rock Jumping Tradition

In the beginning, the Nias stone jumping activity was a physical exercise wrapped in rituals. The main meaning of the stone jumping tradition is as a maturity ritual or a requirement for a young man to be called an adult man. If a man is able to jump over the stone, then he is worthy of being called a soldier.

The stone structure that must be jumped over is about 2 meters high, and the thickness of the stone reaches 40 cm. Usually, Nias youth who are 10 years old have begun to be prepared to take part in this “Fahombo” turn. The jumping attraction is followed by a special ritual, so the clothes worn must also be customary foam (Nias warrior dress).

If he succeeds in jumping, then the man is considered an adult, and ready to wade through the household.

Nias Stone Jumping Attractions Locations

Currently, the stone jumping attraction can be seen as a show. So for those of you who visit Nias island, you can witness the excitement of these attractions as entertainment while traveling.

The location of the stone jumping attraction is in Bawomataluo village, Fanayama sub-district, South Nias Regency. Bawamataluo Village is a tourist village in Nias. This village has as many as 137 traditional houses, or what is commonly called Omo Sebua (king’s house).

The shape of this village is also very unique, namely applying a settlement pattern with the letter T. so you can be sure you will get an interesting and pleasant experience when visiting the tourist village of Bawamataluo.

Rates for Watching Stone jumping Tradition

When you visit the tourist village of Bawamataluo Nias, you will find young Nias men wearing traditional warrior clothes, namely wearing black, with yellow and red hues. To witness the stone jumping tradition, you only need to pay a rate of 150,000 rupiah (around 10 usd).

With this rate, you can watch 2 Nias youths make one jump. Of course, if you watch it together, the rate is considered very cheap.

Apart from witnessing the stone jumping tradition, you can also enjoy local specialties. Watching the Nias stone jumping tradition is definitely more exciting while enjoying the local cuisine.


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