Yogyakarta Beach Tourism you Must Visit


Yogyakarta Beach Tourism is one of the favorite tourist destinations of many people because it is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. Not only demand by the people of Jogja itself, but also people outside the city, and especially foreign tourists.

Here are the recommendations of cool beaches in Jogja that you must visit:

Indrayanti Beach

This beach is called the best beach in the Jogja area, because of the extraordinary charm of the beach and the vast stretch of white sand. Cleanliness of this beach is very awake. This beach is perfect for those of you who want to pamper yourself with nature. There are water sport facilities, a gazebo to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and there is also an inn.

Location: Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta

Depok Beach

Depok Beach Yogyakarta – image via: mytrip123.com

On this beach we can tour nature as well as culinary. This beach is famous for its seafod culinary, therefore not a few people choose this beach to fill their vacation time with family, girlfriends and close relatives. While eating the food that has been ordered, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and waves.

Location: Depok Beach Yogyakarta

Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach Yogyakarta
Pok Tunggal Beach – image via: pantainesia.com

This beach is one of the Jogja Beach Tourism which is quite far away to be able to reach it. To get to this beach you have to pass a winding road which is quite narrow, but after arriving you will feel the extraordinary sensation. All have been paid in full with stunning views of the coral hills.

Location: Pok Tunggal Beach Yogyakarta

Timang Beach

Timang Beach Yogyakarta – image via: mytrip123.com

Jogja beach tourism this one is somewhat different from the beach in general where those who are usually beached can play water but not with this beach. Because what is offered is a memorable experience riding a traditional gondola, where life seems to be put. We have to be able to pass the cliffs below us are side dishes along with the crashing waves.

Location: Timang Beach Yogyakarta

Siung Beach

Siung Beach Yogyakarta: image via: pantainesia.com

This beach is perfect for those of you who like extreme things because this beach is the only beach that has a rock climbing vehicle. In addition, beautiful beach views and good participation with the presence of giant rocks on the west and east coast.

Location: Siung Beach Yogyakarta

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta – image via: travelspromo.com

This beach is the most popular beach among tourists. Even among the beaches that have been described Parangtritis beach is the most popular name. This beach has a romantic view to enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is said that this beach is the gateway to the kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul.

Location: Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach Yogyakarta – image via: pantainesia.com

Jogja Beach Tourism is the most suitable for those of you who like to snorkel because the waves tend to be calm and the underwater scenery is quite beautiful, such as fish, coral, and some marine life.

Location: Nglambor Beach Yogyakarta

Drini Beach

Drini Beach Yogyakarta – image via: travel.kompas.com

What is special about this beach is that there are small islands in the middle of the beach. Cliffs that stand firm as if adding to the beauty of this beach. Not only that, the sea water is quite calm, very suitable for those of you who want to swim.

Location: Drini Beach Yogyakarta

Sadranan Beach

Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta – image via: pantainesia.com

This beach is also good for snorkeling places that are in great demand because snorkeling rentals are provided. A good time to snorkel on this beach is morning or evening before sunset.

Location: Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach Yogyakarta
Krakal Beach Yogyakarta – image via: happytour.id

This beach is rich in the beauty of white sand and coral stones that surround the beach. We can take a walk around the beach while enjoying the waves crashing. There is a gazebo that you can use to relax while enjoying the beautiful beach.

Location: Krakal Beach Yogyakarta

Jogja is indeed famous as a tourist destination that is rich in natural scenery. Therefore Yogyakarta Beach Tourism Indonesia is the right choice for those of you who want to spend vacation time.


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