10 Tourist Destinations In Thailand

10 Tourist Destinations In Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia with a variety of very interesting tourist destinations. Some of them feel unique and different from other places. Thailand’s tourist destinations have also been in great demand in recent years. The “White Elephant” country is very popular in various countries outside Asia.

The number of tourists who visit is also very large; this shows that Thailand has its beauty that attracts tourists. Urban areas are known as trade centers; Thailand also has many interesting destinations.

If you have a vacation plan abroad, you can choose Thailand as your travel destination. Because reportedly, Thailand is also known as a country with beaches with very beautiful views. In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can also find various delicious culinary delights to taste.

Here are some tourist destinations in Thailand:


10 Tourist Destinations In Thailand

The first tourist destination you can visit is Pattaya Beach. This beach is very popular in Thailand because of its beauty. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of culinary and entertainment along this beach area.

Even at night, this beach is always crowded with visitors from residents and tourists because Pattaya already has many villas offered at very affordable prices.


Phuket is a tourist spot because it presents views of white sand beaches, and the sea is really beautiful. This place is a tourist destination most visited by tourists in Thailand.

This place has become popular and is also well known in the international world. Phuket is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches. The sea atmosphere is so calm that visitors feel comfortable while playing on the beach. In addition, this place also has a variety of delicious culinary.

Sung non nooch

Still, in the Pattaya area, the park known to be the most beautiful in the world is named Sung Nong Nooch. This park presents a very beautiful and unique panorama that can attract many tourists to visit.

This park has a panoramic view that is so beautiful and cool that it is second to none, making every visitor feel comfortable and calm. This area has various very adequate facilities, such as a zoo, lodging, swimming pool, various types of culinary, souvenir center and souvenirs and so on.

Railay Beach

One more beach is also beautiful, and you must visit Railay beach. It is an exotic beach and very beautiful. The seawater is very clear, and clean white sand along the beach area gives a comfortable and beautiful feel for every visitor. Even in this place, the visitors can exercise rock climbing, thus adding to the excitement of visiting this beach.


For those who like nature and sea tourism, Krabi is the right destination to visit when in Thailand. This island will spoil your eyes because of its famous beautiful panorama. Even the view of the surrounding small islands is a beauty enhancer when you visit this place.

The Grand Palace

For those of you who like historical tourism, then the right tourist destination for you to visit is the grand palace. This place is an old building where various historical relics of Thailand are stored.

The building consists of several parts, including temples, dungeons, labyrinths, halls of the past Thai kingdom, various historical relics. In this place, you will see the rich culture of Thailand in the past, and the ancient architecture is very beautiful.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a historical destination for Thailand. This building is one of the oldest temples in Thailand. This can be seen in the ancient architectural design, which is very beautiful. Not only that, but the Wat Arun building is also very close to the Grand Palace building, while the distance between the two can only be reached on foot.

Wat Phu Thok

Phu Thok is the right destination to visit, while Thailand is for those who like panoramic views of the mountains. This place is a mountainous area that has cool air. To arrive at this location, you must have enough guts because Phu Thok is on the side of a very steep cliff. But the very beautiful scenery will pay for it all.


For those who like hilly areas and want to enjoy the sun, the Galaxy Peak tourist destination or Kanchanaburi can be an option because this area has a very beautiful panorama, cool, and is very clean. The atmosphere of this place makes the heart so comfortable.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the cheap shopping places you must visit in Thailand. Very many tourists visit this place. In this place, you can shop for cheap goods and taste a variety of delicious culinary specialties from Thailand; even in this place, you can also shop with a bargaining system.

Those are some of the tourist destinations in Thailand.


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