5 Current Recommendations for Beaches in Yogyakarta Indonesia


Indonesia is a country that is popular with its many islands and beautiful beaches. Indonesia has a lot of seaside tourist attractions that really attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. One of the regions in Indonesia, is Yogyakarta. Following are the recommendations for beaches in Jogja.

Tourists may understand Yogyakarta more as a region that has a lot of history and cultural tourism. However, it also seems that many tourist attractions in the form of beaches are no less attractive than other regions. Immediately, we discuss the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta.

Current Recommendations for Beaches in Jogja 2021

Parangtritis Beach

parangtritis beach

One of the first recommended beach resorts in Jogja is Parangtritis Beach. Who doesn’t know this waterfront? Almost anyone can know this place. Many people give the nickname Parangtritis Seafront as Yogyakarta’s Kuta Seashore.

That’s because the natural panorama on the waterfront is very interesting, unique and not found in other tourist objects. The distinctive characteristic of this seaside is that it has a mountain of sand or what is often said with gumuk. This waterfront location is also not very far from the city center of Yogyakarta.

In fact, there are temples and waterfalls on the edge of the sea. However, because of its relatively hidden location, many people do not recognize that there is a tourist attraction on the coast of Parangtritis.

Glagah Beach

The beach that is next to extraordinary is the Glagah Seafront. This beach is quite popular with tourists who are interested in the seaside world. On this beach, there is a lagoon that is very suitable to be used as a picture spot.

The lagoon divides the waterfront into 2 zones. This lagoon is located west of the tourist pier. On the waterfront, you can also rent a canoe or even moreover a motocross ride along the edge of the sea.

Like that, the characteristics and uniqueness of Glagah Beach make this seaside different from other seaside. Not only that, on the edge of the sea there is dragon fruit agro-tourism which makes the atmosphere by the sea continues to be interesting.

Parangkusumo Beach

Generally, beaches in Yogyakarta are popular for their natural beauty. However, Parangkusumo Beach is more popular because of the story behind it. At certain times, close residents often hold special rituals by the sea.

That is because these rituals are customs that have been tried by the ancestors from time to time. Things like that make this seaside look unique compared to other most beautiful seaside in Yogyakarta.

This ritual is generally held to coincide on 1 Suro as well as on Tuesday and Friday Kliwon. This sea shore has quite large waves so you are not allowed to bathe or swim there.

You can also do sandboarding on the sand dunes near the edge of the sea. This sand dune is very, very rare in Indonesia. Therefore, if you are on vacation to the seaside, it is highly recommended to try sandboarding.

Ngobaran Beach

The next beach recommendation in Jogja is Ngobaran Beach. The popularity of this beach is not inferior to the other most beautiful seaside in Yogyakarta. This seaside is able to combine various religions and tribes. That is why the shades on this seaside are different from other seaside.

On the waterfront, you can find some inscriptions of Hindu and Buddhist assets. Such is the characteristic characteristic of Ngobaran Beach which is not found on other beaches in Yogyakarta. This seaside is located in Gunungkidul district.

Not only because of the thick nuances of religious diversity, the white sand on the edge of the sea is also able to attract the eyes of tourists who are playing by the sea. The position of Ngobaran Beach with other seaside is very close.

You only need to walk to get to another beach. The price of admission for the seaside is very affordable, is near IDR 5.000 for each person.

Krakal Beach

The last beach recommendation in Jogja is Krakal Beach, which is a beach that has the longest seaside line in Gunung Kidul district. This beach has a very beautiful natural panorama with a stretch of white sand by the sea. Sometimes, you want to see beautiful ornamental fish that rise to the surface of the sea.

The landscape on the waterfront is quite sloping and there are rocks that look like a kind of path. This makes the natural panorama on the seashore continue to be interesting and illustrates the distinctive characteristics of the Krakal seashore.


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