Reog Ponorogo, East Java Typical Traditional Arts


What do you imagine when you hear the word Ponorogo? Most people will probably immediately imagine Ponorogo reog. This small town in the province of East Java is famous for its traditional arts that have spread to various parts of the country. Besides Reog, Ponorogo is also famous for its beautiful beaches and other natural attractions.

Reog is a traditional art from Ponorogo, East Java, which has existed since the time of our ancestors. This art, which is often called Dadak Merak, is characterized by a large mask shaped like a tiger’s head decorated with beautiful peacock feathers.

7 Unique Facts about Reog Ponorogo

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia has issued copyright, patent and trademark certificates for reog arts from Ponorogo. The certificate numbered 013195 which was issued on April 12, 1995. Although this art is widely known, there are unique facts that are not widely known. Here are 7 unique facts about reog Ponorogo that you need to know.


In the reog show, there is a group of dancers depicting cavalry named Jathil. At first jathil was played by men who had subtle temperament. Along with the development of reog art, nowadays jathil is mostly played by women with beautiful and elegant faces.


The second unique fact that needs to be known is the existence of a group of dancers called warok. Warok in reog Ponorogo has a strong and intelligent character consisting of young warok and old warok. Young warok is described as having a stocky body with thick mustache and sideburns and sharp eyes. While the old warok has a long white beard, is thin and carries a stick when walking.

Klono Sewandono

Do you know that in every reog show, someone always appears dressed as a king with a beautiful face? The figure is named Klono Sewandono who has a powerful whip. The king’s whip was named Kyai Pecut Samandiman who served as a protector. Klono Sewandono is described as being in love with a daughter. To fulfill his lover’s wish, the king created beautiful art.

Bujang Ganong

Bujang ganong is a policeman who is clever and witty. This figure is often called the Patih Pujangga Anom. Patih Pujangga Anom has martial arts skills with a clever mind, is dexterous and has a strong will.

Reog weight

The unique fact of reog Ponorogo that must be known is the weight of the tiger head mask. The large mask weighs about 50 kilograms. Remarkably, reog players only use teeth to lift these weights. If someone climbs on top of the reog, it can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

Go global

One of the arts from Indonesia that has gone global or has gone international is this reog from Ponorogo. Reog has been performed in many countries including Russia, Spain, Venezuela, Suriname, the Philippines, Korea, London (UK), Los Angeles (United States) and other countries.

General Introduced in the 1920s

Ponorogo reog art was generally introduced in the 1920s. However, this art has been recorded since 760 AD in the Kanjuruhan kingdom inscriptions during the reign of Gajayana. The inscription is proof that reog has existed since time immemorial.

This art, which was passed down from generation to generation, is still maintained today. Community and government support has made Reog a unique art form from the province of East Java which is increasingly recognized by the world.

If you have never seen a reog Ponorogo show, it’s good to take a moment to watch this special show. Currently, we don’t have to come to Ponorogo to watch the reog show. Reog performances can be watched online on several channels. Come on, love and preserve the original culture of Indonesia.


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