Authentic Traditional Drinks from Indonesia that Can Warm the Body

Authentic Traditional Drinks from Indonesia that Can Warm the Body

Indonesia has a very diverse area, in Indonesia itself has a variety of weather both in each region and season. Indonesia has both high and lowland areas that can affect the temperature in every part of the region in Indonesia. Likewise, traditional Indonesian drinks have a variety of benefits. Here are some authentic traditional drinks from Indonesia.


The first is bandrek. Yes, who does not know this one drink. Drinks that taste spicy sweet and can warm the body. This drink can be found everywhere. Ranging from stalls to wheelbarrows. Bandrek is a traditional Indonesian drink that is already legendary.

Bandrek is usually used in various ways, such as adding milk as a sweetener for this drink and supporting ingredients such as free-range chicken eggs that can increase stamina for the drinker. This drink makes the body warm and can cure various diseases such as flu or fever.

This drink is made from the main ingredient, ginger. Ginger itself has many benefits for the body. And ginger is a native plant from Indonesia. For the price of a glass of bandrek, it is not expensive.


Who does not know this one drink? This drink can warm the body for people who drink it. Bajigur itself is a typical Sundanese drink that is very well known in other areas. This drink is made from the main ingredient, coconut milk.

Coconut milk itself has good benefits for the body. Usually, bajigur is not hard to find. Many areas, especially Sundanese land, sell this traditional drink. Bajigur is generally served with side dishes such as cakes. Even this cake is suitable for eating together with this bajigur drink. Not only filling but can warm the body as well.


Who does not know this one drink? Sekoteng itself is a traditional Indonesian drink. This one drink can also warm the body. Drinks are the same as bandrek made from ginger. What makes the difference is that Sekoteng has a variety of toppings ranging from bread, nuts, etc.

Even though they are both warm, Sekoteng is very good for the body. It can cure minor ailments in the body, such as relieving an inflamed throat or experiencing flu symptoms.

Wedang Jahe

Wedang Jahe is also a traditional drink native to the Indonesian people, especially in the Central Java area. The main ingredient of this drink is ginger, where this drink can warm the body for those who drink it and can also cure diseases such as sore throat or flu, or fever.

Wedang Ronde

Wedang Ronde is a traditional Indonesian drink. Drinks that are one drink can warm the body, especially Wedang Ronde Yogya, which is made from boiled ginger and can automatically give a warm sensation to the body plus toppings such as small rounds filled which are not only warm but can be filling too.


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