Natural Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

Natural Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra

Indonesia has a magnificent view of beauty. Its extraordinary natural wealth, culture, race, religion and traditions add to the beauty of visiting this country. All the beauty that is in Indonesia. North Sumatra tourist attractions are cities that have a series of tourist attractions that are no less interesting than other regions. If during this time, you are visiting North Sumatra or Medan, you want to look for travel experiences. It is better if you visit to visit this place, tour the lake and the hills of North Sumatra:

Toba Lake

The first is Lake Toba. Yes, Lake Toba is the first order that must be visited because of the natural beauty of this one is the main destination that must be visited by you. The natural beauty is so amazing. This lake has a very wide size that is about 100 Km in length and about 30 Km in width. Even this lake is the largest and widest lake in Southeast Asia. So that this lake is a lake that must be visited by visitors who visit North Sumatra later. You can also enjoy the amazing natural scenery at night. If you want to do lodging around Lake Toba, there are many accommodation services provided in every corner – the corner of this tourist spot. The cool location, the cool weather adds to the comfortable atmosphere to visit this place.

Samosir Island

samosir island tourist attraction in north sumatra
Samosir Island

If you visited Lake Toba now you can visit Samosir Island. The island located in the middle of Lake Toba has become one of the must-visit if you are in North Sumatra. Here is a place to shop knick knacks, or even a souvenir if you visit here. There are a lot of sellers of typical Batak knick-knacks or clothes and typical North Sumatra delicacies. On this island you will be able to see typical Batak houses in ancient times, traditions of the Batak people that are still preserved. You can also capture photos with sculptures typical of the Batak people.

Siombak Lake

siomak lake tourist attraction in north sumatra
Siomak Lake

If you visit North Sumatra it’s good to visit Lake Siombak. Although this lake is not as well-known as Lake Toba, it is not wrong for you to visit this place to enjoy the atmosphere of a vacation in North Sumatra. This place is a suitable place for those who have a hobby of fishing. Because you can fish on this lake. This lake has an area of about 40 hectares located in the Paya Pasir village, Medan – North Sumatra. This lake is a lake that is a favorite location for those who like the atmosphere of fishing because there are a variety of fish in the lake. If you want to spend time on vacation, or just spend the weekend you can visit this place.

Lawang Hill

lawang hill tourist attraction in north sumatra
Lawan Hill

Bukit Lawang is located about 80 KM from Medan city. This is intended to enter the Gunung Lauser National Park area. Because this location in the mountains of this region has a very cool and cold atmosphere. If you visit this place you can enjoy trekking, seeing orangutans, tubing and so on. If you want to spend the night in this place, no need to worry, because there are so many lodging places that will be provided in this place.

Those are some of the lake and hill tourist attractions in North Sumatra that must be visited. Which will add to the tourist experience you have ever visited.


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