The Waterfall that Has Two Colors in Yogyakarta


One of the things that make Indonesia famous is its tourist places to visit. It has a lot of nature places. The waterfall is one of the favourite Indonesia tourism destinations for the local and foreign tourist. There are plenty of waterfalls that you can visit in Indonesia, one of them is in Yogyakarta. The name of this waterfall is Kedung Pedut. This waterfall has two colors which are clear white and tosca blue. It is located in Menoreh hill, Kembang village, Kulon Progo.

How to get there

Location: Kedung Pedut
Nearest Airport: Yogyakarta International Airport

If you want to visit this place from Yogyakarta, you can go to the west to the Godean street. Then continue it until Nanggulang. Once you have arrived here you have to pass the hill—the highway around the hill is already accessible for the motorbikes and cars. Until you reach Kiskendo cave and then turn left and continue it until around five kilometres. Then you will find some boards that lead to Kedung Pedut. It is quite far and tiring from the central of Yogyakarta, but the way to go to one of the Indonesia waterfall will worth the efforts. You will see ricefields, hills, and lovely nature on the way to go there.


The entrance for this place is just IDR 3,000 and the parking fee is only IDR 2,000 for motorbike and IDR 5,000 for the car. The facilities that are provided there are a public toilet, a place to pray, some small restaurants, and the bridge that is made from bamboo. From the parking area, you still need to go down by some stairs. And then you will have to pass the jungle. It is actually not really the jungle but a lot of trees are there, for 20 minutes. It seems pretty hard to reach to one of the Indonesia waterfall, but you will be satisfied with its scenery.

Yogyakarta waterfall

There are five springs there—which are Kedung Anyes, Kedung Lanang, Kedung Wedok, Kedung Merak, and Kedung Merang. The depths of those springs are between two to five meters, with the blue tosca color. Based on the research, the watercolor can be tosca blue is because of the reflection of the sunlight to the rocks from the Manoreh hill. The water in one of the Indonesia waterfall comes from Mudal spring that also flows to the other waterfall named Kembang Soka. Go there then swim and feel its unique water from Yogyakarta waterfall!



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