Need A Vacation? You Better Try best-hidden Lombok Beach!


Some people travel to Lombok just to visit a line Lombok Beach of Gili Islands which is famous for the beauty of the sea. However, not many people are aware of the beauty Indonesia tourism destination of other beaches.

Lombok has the charm of many beautiful beaches and seas. Besides the Gili Islands, the following destinations in Lombok must be included in your visit.

1. Seger Beach

lombok beach

Seger Beach is often used for surfing because the waves are quite high. You can also swim, snorkel, to the excitement of playing canoe. If you want to get an interesting panorama, you can go up to Bukit Seger to just take a picture.

How to access: If from Praya International Airport to Seger Beach, you have to take 30 minutes by car. Meanwhile, from Mataram to Pantai Seger takes about one hour.

2. Tunak Beach

lombok beach

The position of the Tunak Beach inside the Mount Tunak Nature Park is directly jutting into the Indian Ocean. Flanked by various hills, such as Bungkulan, Kelor, Takar Akar, make this beach more charming. You will feel at a private beach because tourists are still rare here.

How to access: From Lombok International Airport, it only takes one hour by car

3. Nambung Beach

Nambung Beach a Lombok Beach that is famous for waterfalls that have a direct source from the sea, so the water tends to be salty. This waterfall is actually as a result of sea waves that are split due to large rocks. Too bad if you miss this beach.

How to access: To reach this place, you must travel a distance of 60 kilometers from Mataram before entering the Sekotong area

4. Tebing Beach

lombok beach

Not only offers views of the crashing waves, towering cliffs are also a tourist attraction. This cliff is the result of the eruption of Mount Rinjani Tua that occurred around 1257. The absence of lodging around the beach makes it look more natural, without the touch of a human hand.

How to access: Around 42 kilometers from the city of Mataram. You can use a car or take public transportation from Mandalika Terminal, Mataram

5. Telawas Beach

lombok beach

Telawas Beach is located right near Semeti Beach which is surrounded by rocky mountains. Its access is quite difficult to make this beach called the best-hidden tourism in Lombok. So, you need extraordinary energy to reach this beach.

How to access: It takes two hours from downtown Mataram by car, then proceed to walk to the beach with rather heavy terrain

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Lombok Beach that you can visit, besides the Gili Islands. Are you ready to visit Lombok?


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