4 Types of Bali Street Food You Have to Try


Visiting Bali wouldn’t feel complete without tasting the delicious bali street food. We can eat at the top class restaurant for best culinary. However, if you want to taste the real Bali culinary, try to visit the street food stall. They have a delicious and unique taste you won’t find at a big restaurant. So, what kind of street food you should try?

Sate Lilit

Sate or satay is the name for the skewered meat from Indonesia. However, the Balinese satay is different than satay from another area in Indonesia. If you have tasting satay from another area in Indonesia, you will agree with it. The Sate Lilit use minced meat that wrapped around the stick and then it is grilled. Inside the minced meat, they also put many kinds of spices. So, the taste isn’t delicious but refreshing.

Nasi Tepeng

As a country where nasi or rice is its staple food, you will find many kinds of food that use rice as its main part. Nasi Tepeng is one of them. the rice has a unique texture between solid and soft, which will tease your taste bud. Enjoy it with fried chicken, jackfruit, beans, eggs, or eggplants, plus a cup of Indonesia coffe. And, you get a delicious breakfast menu ala Bali.

Nasi Jinggo

Nasi Jinggo is the standard bali street food. Many food stalls sell this dish. The dish itself has a unique combination of rice, side dish and other kinds of topping and condiments. The portion is small that it even fits in the palm of your hand. The best of all, it’s served using banana leaf plate, which gives it a more natural scent. It’s a delicious and small portion, which also is perfect for you who want to have a light meal before you continue your trip.

Pisang Rai

Pisang Rai is boiled banana dish that wrapped with the grated coconut. Then, a sweet sauce made of brown sugar added on top of it as the topping. This is the bali street food standard combination. But, if you look at the street food stall in Bali, they offer a different type of topping. It’s not only brown sugar sauce. There are also cheese, strawberry sauce and many more. So, choose one that you like.

To be honest, there are more than four dishes that we explained above, if we are talking about bali street food. Laklak, Rujak Bulung, Bakso, Terang Bulan and many more are waiting for you to taste. So, do not hesitate to taste them all.


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