The Beautiful and Hidden Beach in Bali


Bali is a really famous island in Indonesia. Almost everyone from all over the world want to visit this beautiful island. They even put it as one of their favourite Indonesia tourism destination.

Some people call Bali as Dewata island because a lot of temples here. Another place that people like to visit is the beaches in Bali. There is a beach named Tegal Wangi beach that is located almost at the end of this island.

This is one of the Bali beach that is quite enough because not so many people know this place. There is only one seller in this beach and the entrance is free.

How to get there

Location: Tegal Wangi Beach
Nearest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport

If you want to visit this beach that is located in Jimbaran. You will need around 15 minutes of driving from the airport. You will have to go down through some stairs because the location of this beach is under the cliff.

Do not worry because the stairs are not steep. People say that this beach is one of the best spots to see the sunset in Bali. So the best time to visit this beach is around three to five in the afternoon. 


There are some natural pools around this beach that you can use to soak your body or you just simply want to play the water. Another nice spot on this beach is, there is a small cave that the depth is only around four kilometers.

People claim that it is the best spot to take pictures here. Even though Tegal Wangi, one of the Bali beach is not so large, but the view is really nice. If you do not want to go down, you can just stay on the cliff while watching the beach and its wave from the top of it.

In the night time, the landscape from this beach will change into the lamps in Tuban and Kuta. Also the activities of the airport which is the planes that are going to land and depart. Other activities that are often done here is the ceremony of Silent Day (Hari Nyepi) and the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Tegal Wangi is one of the Bali beach that is recommended for those who want to have more privacy since this beach is quiet most of the time. If you want to discover Bali, this beach must be on your list because you will find another hidden gem in Bali. 



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