Hidden Paradise in Indonesia Yogyakarta


Beaches will always be a place to go on a vacation, and people will always put it as one of the Indonesia tourism destination. As one of the countries in Asia, Indonesia has a lot of beaches to visit. One of the beautiful, hidden, and quiet beach is in Yogyakarta called Watu Nene. Not everyone knows this beach so when you come here, you will feel like you are at your private beach. This beach is placed behind the high hill in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta paradise.

How to get there

Location: Watunene Beach
Nearest Airport: Yogyakarta International Airport

You will need around two to three hours to reach one of the Indonesia beach from the central of Yogyakarta, depends on the traffic. It is only able to get there by private transportation, because there are no public transportation that are going there. Actually there are three ways to get to this beach. The first one is you can go to Seruni beach and then walk through the sand on the beach when the water is receding. The second is way is quite dangerous because its ways have a lot of rocks and bumpy. The third one is you can park your vehicle. If you go there by a private vehicle and then you can walk through a small way in the north hill of Seruni beach. Continue then going down by the stairs and you will arrive in Watu Nene, Yogyakarta paradise. 


Since this beach is located behind the hill that its high is around 100 meters, people call it hidden paradise. Because it is really hidden and the scenery of this beach is really breath-taking. Some people even call Watu Nene the same as Pandawa beach because of its location and its white sand. People are asked to be really careful when they want to visit one of the Indonesia beach. Because the ways to go there are quite dangerous for those who are not used in climbing. Another attraction for the visitors is, there is a wall there that “produces” water drops. And the water will be dropped in the ground.

The water comes from the gaps of the hill’s walls. People who live around that beach usually take the water from this spring to do their daily lives. Like cooking, taking a bath, and something like that. Watu Nene, one of the Indonesia beach that really suitable for introvert people. Because most of the time this beach is not crowded, it is also quite enough if you want to do a yoga there. 



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