5 Long-Lasting Indonesia Street Food


Indonesia is famous as one of the culinary heaven with a distinctive taste. Not only dominated by heavy dishes rich in spices and Indonesia coffee, but there are also a variety of Indonesia street food that also arouse the taste.

Indonesia street food may be one of the most sought-after snacks and are easily found in traditional markets. Not only delicious and suitable to be eaten as a friend to drink coffee or hot tea. But a variety of wet snacks typical of Indonesia also has an attractive shape and appearance with a variety of colors.

The following is a summary of seven typical Indonesian snacks sold in Indonesia street food.

1. Mud cake

As the name implies, mud cake is a type of traditional cake that has a very soft texture resembling mud. Softness itself comes from a mixture of potatoes or tuber’s soft texture as the main ingredient. Usually, mud cakes are served with a sprinkling of raisins, chocolate, and even grated cheese to add flavor.

2. Omelet roll

Fried pancakes are a type of moist cake that has a very strong sweet taste. And as the name implies, this Indonesia street food cake is made of thin skin which is coconut dough then rolled up until it is solid. Coconut dough mixed with brown sugar is what produces a sweet taste that dominates the rolled omelet.

3. Putu Mayang

Although the name is almost the same as Putu Cake, the appearance of Putu Mayang is very different from Putu Cake in general. Made from a mixture of rice flour, salt, and steamed food coloring. Putu Mayang has a chewy texture with a shape resembling noodles. To add flavor, putu Mayang is also served with a sauce of coconut milk and sweet flavored sugar.

4. Lupis

Lupis is one of the traditional snacks that are still popular today. Widely sold as a snack in the morning, lupis is made from glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed until cooked.

As a flavor enhancer, the paint will be given a sprinkling of grated coconut and a splash of brown sugar sauce. Besides, usually, lupis is also served with other cakes such as cenil and getuk lindri.

5. Putu cake

Putu cakes are typical Indonesian snacks made from green rice flour filled with brown sugar and then steamed in bamboo sticks. In addition to its unique steaming technique, one of the characteristics of this cake is the distinctive sound of steam coming out of the putu cake toaster when it is sold. Usually, putu is served in the afternoon until the evening as a snack before or after dinner.

Well, that’s 5 types of Indonesia street food that still exist and are nostalgic from the beginning until now, which one is your favorite?


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