The list of Legendary Jakarta Street Food

The list of Legendary Jakarta Street Food

There are many types of Jakarta street food, ranging from heavy food, Indonesia coffee to snacks. Not sure where to start the street food adventure in Jakarta? Here’s a list of the most famous that you must try.

1. Martabak San Francisco

Here it is Martabak which is loved by many people because of the uniqueness of the toppings. This San Francisco Martabak is arguably one of the street foods in Jakarta that has been created with a variety of toppings a few years ago. This Martabak outlet has been established since 1967 in Bandung. Now his name is increasingly popular up to Jakarta. At this street food place to eat in Jakarta, you can choose Sweet Martabak Manis or Martabak with egg.

2. Bakso Pak Kumis Blok S

bakso pak kumis jakarta street food

Meatballs can be considered a mainstay jakarta street food when you want something warm. Of the many stall street food in Jakarta that sells meatballs, there is one place that must be tried by the meatball lover. His name is Bakso Pak Kumis, located in Blok S, South Jakarta. Pak Kumis’s meatballs have been the initiators of the gathering of street food vendors in Blok S since 1987. Then what makes Pak Kumis’s meatballs different from others? First, you can mix salt, celery, soy sauce, and chili sauce as you wish. After concocting, you have to queue to choose the available meatballs. 

3. Eddy Bread

roti bakar eddy

For those who just want to snack, Eddy Bread can be an option to fill your stomach. Founded in the 1980s, Eddy Bread was once a mandatory hangout for young people in Jakarta. In the past, street food in Jakarta only existed in Blok M, but now many branches have been opened. What makes this Eddy Bread special is itself-produced bread. The taste of the bread is right between the sweetness of the chocolate sprinkles, the taste of the cheese, and the softness of the bread. 

4. Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih

nasi goreng kebon sirih

If you are wondering about the best jakarta street food to eat Fried Rice, Kebon Sirih Fried Rice is the answer. This place is quite legendary among street food lovers in Jakarta because it has been around since 1958. Initially, the Kebon Sirih Fried Rice is only on Jalan Kebon Sirih, but because of the great enthusiasm of the foodies, now they have opened branches everywhere.

The main menu that you must try here is Goat Fried Rice. Different from Fried Rice in other places, Kebon Sirih Fried Rice has a rich and strong taste thanks to the special spices they use. The goat meat has a tender and does not smell at all. If you don’t like goats, there are other menus such as Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Satay and others.

Jakarta contains many special foods and snacks that always worth a try. So, are you ready to discover another good food?



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