3 Special Characteristics of Sidikalang Coffee


For true coffee connoisseurs, surely know the best types of coffees from Sumatra. One of them is Sidikalang coffee. This is one of the three regions in North Sumatra that produces coffee with unique flavors. Besides Sidikalang, the other two regions are Mandailing and Lintongnihuta. Sidikalang is the right place for connoisseurs, lovers, and coffee entrepreneurs to vent the taste of opium, learn about coffee, and reap the benefits of coffee.

Sidikalang region is in the Bukit Barisan area with an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. The combination of a cool and cold region with soil types in the fertile Sidikalang region can create one of the best coffees in the archipelago.

Just for your information, coffee from North Sumatra is known as Indonesia coffee to have a smooth texture and complex flavor. The majority of coffee in this region is processed dry or wet. Thus creating a distinctive and unique coffee aroma. And for all that, there are a few things you should know about Sidikalang Coffee.

1. Famous and has a great taste

Sidikalang Coffee is already famous for its great taste, not only in the country but abroad. One of the competitors of the enjoyment of Sidikalang coffee is Brazilian coffee, which is one of the best coffees in the world. Sidikalang is the capital of the Dairi Regency, located in a cool, mountainous area.

According to coffee experts, the specialty of this Coffee is obtained from a combination of cold weather and soil types in the Barisan Hill area with an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level.

Sidikalang Coffee is one of the varieties of coffee originating from Sumatra which has the most delicate texture and has the heaviest and most complex flavor among the various coffees in the world. Most of Sumatra’s coffee are dry-process, but some semi-washed.

2. Low acidity

The medium taste of Sidikalang Coffee results in low acidity. Making it suitable for those who have stomach problems or heartburn but still want to drink coffee every day.

Coupled with the typical bitter taste of chocolate, making the sensation given is slightly different from other coffees. Be another attraction for coffee connoisseurs to taste the specialty of this coffee. Including those of you who like coffee with a distinctive aroma.

3. Has a Distinctive Aroma and Character Taste

The aroma and taste of Sidikalang Coffee are indeed similar to Robusta in other regions or countries. Like a chocolate-like flavor and slightly sweet. However, the fragrance produced by Robikalang robusta is not too sharp.

Its texture is a bit coarser than arabica. While the color produced depends on the method of processing. Robusta Sidikalang is suitable for those of you who like coffee with a medium aroma.

Well, that’s some typical facts about Sidikalang Coffee. Have you tried it?


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